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Jin Shan: Banish demons’s victory over South Korea is not far away whether or not convinced, no matter how it feels strange, South Korea is a lie in front of the football Chinese insurmountable mountain. The Chinese team with South Korea in the group, the Korean team has not but secretly delighted unashamed ecstasy, their players interviewed by the media that deal with the China team has spent 3 days is enough, the score prediction is from 3 to 5 than 0 than 0, Chinese for a large number of fans also think to come no "send us money". Chinese team for the South Korean team is not afraid of the mouth was also not convinced, but from the Paibingbuzhen 352 is to strive to take away the flat home court, after saying that if not so conservative could win. But if the attack began to play really, really maybe lose more, football is not a hypothetical exercise. The strength of the gap is no better choice. When the score of 0 to 3 that will be a bloodbath in the majority, the defense was repeatedly torn, Chinese team in front of the team instead of signs of danger appearing everywhere, China sacrificing oneself, they have no fear of losing, anyway, just forget everything go, but in the sea after scoring the South Korean team instead of disarray. After Chinese played the best scene in South Korea and confrontation, if Wu Lei the door slightly calm is an excellent opportunity to comeback. Now people see light suddenly South Korea is not invincible! In order to overcome the South Korean team must expel the so-called "koreaphobia", this is a self defeating humiliation slogan. Chinese football team in the world cup, Asian Cup, the Olympic Games tournament thirty years be Han (2010 East Asian Football win Korea is not important event), is indeed the biggest shame China sports. But, say "koreaphobia" is wrong Chinese football circles. In fact, they have no time to think about revenge, moment in the history of subversion. They are Brazil, Germany will have to see the psychological inferiority complex, but in the face of South Korea, both history and culture, and two in football have suffered humiliating experience, they will not be docile and obedient. Urgent psychological "koreaphobia" take off the hat that they shot several times of chaos, if there is a common heart, the game is likely to take down, think of how many years of history will change from our hands, a lifetime not Zhongju Fan Jin, once their example, mad, so repeatedly and the victory pass. I do not know when Wu Lei shot close to the kind of almost divine excitement. To put it bluntly, China football team in the face of "front koreaphobia" bombing, they are weak, they stand on, they clearly want to prove his urgent, it is hard than any time, but also suffered kuaxiazhiru after failure. Then, the humiliated after the teeth even added in manic psychological distortion, and then to the next game buried abnormal mind. From the perspective of fear, South Korea football is not so terrible. Chinese football has never been better than Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina, and much larger than the gap between China and South Korea, why never say "Pakistan"相关的主题文章: