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The south is referred to as "grants shrink" replacement before the two session of the school: 1000 yuan per person yesterday, Nanjing University graduate National Scholarship "shrink" sparked a heated debate on the internet. Modern Express reporter was informed that the South had a graduate student in the school to reflect the small Lily BBS, the school issued a 1000 yuan less than the national graduate student grants, the original should be $6000 per student per year, the results of the school issued only $5000. At 14:28 yesterday, the Nanjing University Graduate School in the official website prominently published on the master of the National Institute of blonde release approach notice, the official response on the matter. Notice that, since September this year, the graduating class of master state grants adjusted to 600 yuan per month, while the "replacement in 2015 and 2016 graduating graduate state grants 1000 yuan per person." Master online Tucao, the school issued a national grants shrink recently, a master’s student in the south of the lily BBS Post said, the school seems to be less than 1000 yuan per person per year graduate student grants. A year before graduation, only received from last September to June this year, the national grants, a total of 10 months, a total of 5000 yuan. After graduation, the remaining 1000 yuan tuition has not yet arrived." Modern Express reporter noted that the day before yesterday night, there is a net name Hao brother in a small lily on a document: to determine the South less than a year we made 1000 blocks! ". The article said, the school should give a statement, why buckle our money! Replacement as soon as possible!" At last, the netizen thread called "every year is 12 months according to the graduation season, according to 10 months are justified……" Graduate student grants for full-time graduate students to subsidize the basic living expenses of students. The Ministry of finance, the Ministry of education in 2013 issued "graduate state grants Interim Measures" clear, the central subordinate colleges graduate funding hygiene standards for each 6000 yuan a year, the expenditure of all allocated by the central government, monthly payments to eligible students hands. It is understood that the money is specific to the colleges and universities how to issue, the number of hair per month, generally determined by the universities themselves. South approach is: in order to meet the conditions of the graduate monthly payment of 500 yuan, an annual payment of 12 months. Yesterday afternoon, the modern express reporter interviewed a number of South 2015, the 2016 masters graduates. Many people said that a year before graduation, he received 500 yuan per month grants, but did not notice the school less money." Graduate School explained that the balance of grants, has been used to improve the academic scholarships why will be less than 1000 yuan national grants? Where did the money go? At 14:28 yesterday, the NTU graduate school on the official website issued a notice on the release of the national graduate student golden hair approach, the official response on the matter. The paper said, the school in accordance with the school system in the time of graduate student grants, resulting in the existence of a national student grants, graduate students have questions are normal." Because the balance is expected, so in 2014 the school in the development of graduate scholarship program, taking into account this situation, the school funding, increase investment in bone相关的主题文章: