Jac will join forces to set up a joint venture company the development of new energy vehicles-headache怎么读�

The public will jointly set up a joint venture   the development of new energy vehicles, people.com.cn car people.com.cn people.com.cn September 7 Beijing Xinhua (Wu Xiaoqin) today announced that the JAC and Volkswagen (Chinese) Investment Company Limited signed a joint venture cooperation memorandum of understanding. The two sides are on the field of new energy vehicles set up prospect and feasibility of a new joint venture enterprise evaluation, investment scale, business model and other details of the joint venture company has not yet been determined; both sides strive in the five months after the signing of the memorandum within agreed and signed a formal agreement. The main content of cooperation: 1, cooperation for the implementation of the national "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012–2020)", "passenger car fuel consumption evaluation methods and indicators" has been implemented, "the sixth stage of the national emission standards for motor vehicles", "passenger car average fuel consumption and new energy trading system" and "integral the new energy automobile carbon quota management measures" are being developed. In the face of increasingly tighter emissions regulations Chinese fuel consumption environment, the two sides agreed to use their own technology in the automotive sector and business advantages, in the framework of compliance with laws and regulations and national policy, discuss cooperation mode, in order to achieve mutual cooperation in the development of new energy vehicles. 2 principles of cooperation (1) cooperation between the two sides should follow the principle of equality, fairness and transparency. (2) under the framework of laws, regulations and national policies, Party B is willing to support Party A and its affiliated companies in China to achieve carbon emissions and fuel consumption limits on the basis of the conditions. 3, the intention of cooperation based on the new energy automotive products, set up a research and development company, to carry out all-round cooperation in research and development, new energy vehicles and parts production and sales, the travel plan and other fields, in order to contribute to energy saving and emission reduction. 4, the consensus on the joint venture (1) investment (a) in accordance with the principle of equal cooperation, the two sides respectively in cash and other tangible or intangible assets contribution to the initial payment of each of the registered capital of 50%. (b) in accordance with the business growth of the joint venture company or in the future, such as the laws of China, the parties agree to subscribe and pay the registered capital of the joint venture company in accordance with their respective equity ratio. After the business plan of the joint venture company is determined, the registered capital limit for each party to be subscribed and paid by the joint venture company shall be agreed upon by both parties. (2) product planning (a) in the initial stage of cooperation, the two sides plan as soon as possible based on existing mature platform to build a competitive product portfolio. (b) in principle, both parties should do their best to invest in their respective resources, including existing and future platforms, technologies and other professional skills to achieve the above product strategy. 5, cooperative promotion plan (1) the two sides should be established by the relevant departments of the two sides of the joint working group. The joint working group will complete the project feasibility study, establish the business model, and determine the scale of investment and other details within three months after the signing of the mou. (2) the parties strive to agree and sign a formal agreement within the next five months after the signing of this memorandum of understanding. (commissioning editor Wu Xiaoqin and Dou Ming)相关的主题文章: