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The blessing of China Unicom, Ma is to compete? Sohu science and technology every year, 11 double, are the busiest time for Alibaba and Ma, but breaking the trade volume of the prosperity of the amount of the year, but this year, Ma is more hurried in the 120 billion. 11 smoke are not cleared, the Alibaba and Chinese Unicom are busy signed a cooperation agreement. According to reports, in November 12th, Alibaba group and China Unicom signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hangzhou, the highest level of both are present, which also makes up for the recent meeting of the Qingdao regret. Earlier, at the annual meeting of China Unicom, Robin Li and Ma Huateng are dressed to attend, the scene is extremely ambitious, see only ma. For the absence of Ma Yun group chairman of the Alibaba, China Unicom Chinese concerned explained that due to travel abroad, but also failed to participate, the Alibaba sent executives to attend the meeting, but still let the world fall into a reverie. In fact, China Unicom and Ali cooperation for a long time. As early as 2011, China Unicom and China Alibaba group in Beijing has signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides officially announced on the Internet based communication services, and 3G based on WCDMA standard wireless Internet value-added services to carry out a comprehensive in-depth cooperation. Just a few months ago in 2016 August, China Unicom launched China traffic bank announced strategic cooperation with ALI communication, users can convert by the residual flow in the flow in the flow of bank currency, users can exchange red envelopes in Tmall or Taobao consumer credit, bank currency flow flow can exchange and use unlimited and Alipay red, which means that the two sides of the business gradually open. In 2014, the industry once came to invest in Alibaba China Unicom accounted for 30% of the news information, the rumor was later "". 2016, by the day of trading billion tuyere, Ma once again shot, whether the dream will become a reality? Today, Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba have been deepened and China Unicom cooperation, purpose should be focused on the upcoming China Unicom mixed ownership reform, as the last flowers who are most likely There’s no telling, three Internet giants will become the largest shareholder of shares and. As for the prospects of China Unicom and Internet giants after the cooperation, the experts have analyzed. However, for China Unicom, analysis of the best experts take like a passing wind. For example, in 2014, when rumors Ali bought China Unicom, as experts have pointed out that the ecological system Chinese Unicom not only unable to access short-term Ali won the support resources, and existing businesses can not form a mutual promotion of ali. The experts believe that the Tencent in the acquisition of public comment and Jingdong, WeChat quickly to both provide a flow entrance, not only to promote the public comments and traffic of the Jingdong, but also greatly enhance the WeChat payment activity. After the merger and acquisition of Tencent compared to Ali in the investment micro-blog and high moral map, and did not carry out a similar success in integration, but did not play a synergistic effect of the outside world. Now look at these analysis, look at micro-blog’s strong performance and high moral map by integration of the state, the expert is beaten face pops. No matter how.相关的主题文章: