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Business Business Credit Builders Businesses need stellar credit if they are going to qualify for the best business loans and interest rates. Expanding businesses and startups alike almost always need to employ borrowed funds at some phase or other. This is why it is essential for them to establish good credit and to remain in good standing with lenders, vendors, and customers. One way that .panies can go about getting good initial credit ratings, or improving the rating they have already established, is to use business credit builders. These are services that offer assistants to businesses seeking to establish or reestablish good credit. They offer consultation and advice concerning the credit building process and can greatly clarify and expedite the process if they are good. Selecting an effective and reputable business credit builder service is important. These services, like others, are not all alike. Some are far more .prehensive, honest, or streamlined than others. The following are some criteria you can use to select good business credit building services. Better Business Bureau Membership A good place to start is to select business credit builders that are members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This organization maintains records of customer .plaints and the general track record and reputability of a U.S. Businesses. Thus if a .pany is a member of the Better Business Bureau, it is a fairly good bet that they are at least at a certain level of honesty and good organization. If there are .plaints, the BBB will have access to them. So a business owner can get a sense of how various business credit building .panies stack up against each other by consulting this organization. And the simple fact of BBB membership already speaks in the .pany’s favor provided there are not too many outrageous sounding .plaints. Varied and .prehensive services Good business credit builders offer a wide range of services. Some of the services that such a service should offer include the following: 1. How to set up a LLC A Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) is a business structure that is used by many small businesses. It protects these businesses from a certain amount of legal liability and serves as a good vehicle for businesses of a certain scale. Good business credit builders often offer consulting and education on how to set up a LLC. This can be a real asset. The whole point with business credit building is to create a business entity that is separate from personal finances and which receives a good credit rating. The LLC is often that business entity, but setting up and incorporating an LLC can be confusing to those just getting started in the business world. So it is nice if a .pany that helps to build business credit also gives advice on how to bring the LLC into being. 2. Advice on keeping credit building business records separate from personal records As noted above, keeping personal and business records separate is an essential part of building good business credit. It prevents personal financial mishaps or past financial difficulties from affecting the credit rating of the business. This record keeping and general financial re-categorization is also a process that can be confusing to beginners. Business credit builders help out here by simplifying the process and offering much needed advice. A service that does not offer this sort of advice (but only promises, perhaps, to show you how to qualify for loans and pay off creditors) is generally suspect. 3. Advice about getting credit cards for beginners Credit cards are excellent tools for building credit. They are essentially loans and yet are easier to qualify for and use. Good business credit builders will give advice to those starting out in business on how to qualify for credit cards as a business. In this way businesses don’t have to begin by trying to apply for larger loans from lenders. They can start using .pany credit cards to get the credit process going. The business credit building service informs the business owner about this option, the best credit cards to apply for, and the ways to maximize the benefits of business credit card usage. References and Track Record It is very important to try to get hold of as much background material and references as possible for a business credit building service you are considering. As noted above, you can check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in the state in which the business is established for information of this sort. You can also simply ask the service itself for references. These will be past clients that can vouch for the fact that the .pany helped them to build credit. Make sure these are not merely vague statements of praise but can actually be backed up by figures. If a .pany balks at providing references or tells you that they are not necessary, you should probably dispense with the idea of doing business with them. Good Awareness of Credit Pitfalls Business credit builders should discuss with you in depth not only the good points of credit building but the potentially credit damaging practices or situations you might encounter as well. If this kind of service talks only about the ways in which your credit will be improved while avoiding any discussion of credit hazards, that could be a sign that it is less than honest. A good service will be thorough and tell you both the positives and negatives involved in the credit building process. Coaching Coaching is a service that allows a business owner to interact directly for an extended time frame with a representative of the business credit builder .pany. More thorough .panies will offer this service and tailor it to the client’s needs and time requirements. So this is something else to look for in a good business credit building service. Choose a business credit building service wisely. A good service can be a valuable investment in your business’ future, while a bad one can be a costly and time consuming hassle that will only make your .pany’s evolution and development more troublesome. A good .pany genuinely assists business owners rather than fast talking them or making unrealistic promises. Using the points above will help you evaluate these businesses beforehand, insuring the choice of such a service you make will be the best one possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: