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Health The mystery of alcoholism addiction remains, even amongst those in the medical field. There isn’t any precise solutions in deciding where this disease originates from. Could it be passed down from the genes of an ancestor, or might it be an individuals way of coping with stressful situations or is it simply a bad habit that has been picked up? Even though the scientific medical field is working hard on finding answers, no one really has yet found a definite solution. Once the cause of alcoholism known then our number one priority will be to find a cure. But until then we must focus our attention on treating this disease with alcoholism treatments. Voluntary Treatment Works Best We are fortunate to have so many good methods of alcoholism treatments that are on the market for our use. It is entirely up to the individual as to which method will best suit their needs as some seem to have a greater success rate than others. This partly depends on the attitude of the person going into treatment. It will be much more effective for those entering with the impression that the program will work for them and it will be a real benefit if it is a voluntary .mitment, although it can work otherwise as well. Alcoholics Anonymous Treatment This 12 step program, known as "alcoholics anonymous" is well known, being the leader of all 12-step programs that are in existence. These type of programs work very well because everyone involved are on the same level with much interaction and with the belief that they can get help by allowing a higher power to do what they could not do on their own. Group Treatment Shelters Group treatment facilities are also another option as an alcoholism treatment option. The addict is put into a facility that specializes in treating alcohol addiction and is treated by specialized therapists through a series of specific methods which include individual and group discussion, art therapy and other types of therapy. Although these are the two treatments that are used most often, there are many other less conventional methods that are .ing to the surface which may be of great value to many alcoholics. There are many success stories using these lesser known methods and may prove to be more effective for many. Guided Imagery – Visualization Visualization is a speech used by the brain to .municate, making sense of both the inner self as well as the outside world, helping to .municate with your body and find where it is unbalanced, causing a blockage to the flow of energy. Then you can tap the blocked area, thus releasing the flow of energy which will get rid of the stress along with the urge to drink. It is not a new conception that a conventional energy flow inside our bodies is a fundamental factor to much of the health issues we have today. For hundreds of years energy flow has been studied by the art of chakras as in yoga. There is an ever increasing number of people that are turning to natural methods for the treatment of alcoholism as well as many other health problems, this vast number includes many medical professionals. It is fast a popular belief that most problems derive from within, therefore, the healing process must begin on the inside and not the outside. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: