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Travel-and-Leisure Try to have some fun outside now that its summer. It is a wise decision to be productive and do something that you will always remember. There are people who cant forget a family getaway in Hawaii. There are also others whose European trip is still fresh in their memory. But there are also other fun options that you can pick without the need to spend much and go far. A picnic will do. A picnic is not just about eating and talking all day. Like a party, there are also available themes that you can have to fully enjoy this outdoor activity. As early as the medieval times, a picnic has been one of the favorite activities of many individuals. Before, it used to be an activity of affluent people. At present, anyone can enjoy a picnic, and this outdoor activity keeps on evolving. There is even a specific date known as the International Picnic Day held every 18th of June where individuals or groups come together with their picnic baskets to celebrate. The word picnic came to existence because of the French term piquer, which means to pick. Some say that the name picnic may have come about be from the idea of grabbing or picking small amounts of different foods brought by others in the group. To totally have a 100% fun outside, make sure that you have already prepared everything that you need to bring prior to the picnic day. Pack everything in your picnic basket. Check for the utensils, plates, glass, knives, corkscrew (for the wine), napkins, and of course, do not forget the food. Have as many kinds of food as you want, prepared in the appropriate amount. Do some research first; some picnic foods need overnight preparation, while some can be prepared in a jiffy. Do not also forget to bring the props and other things for your games, if you are planning to have some during the picnic day. Make sure that you know the regulations of your chosen picnic location. In this way, you can avoid hassle and simply have fun outside. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: