Why We Like Hillary Clinton-巴雷特m82a1

UnCategorized Many people like Hillary Clinton because she is a strong minded, educated, and intelligent politician. A lot of feminists like her because she is a female politician that is liberal. Others respect her long history of working for the disenfranchised as a lawyer and politician. The Jewish Republican coalition likes Hillary Clinton because she said that Obama was naive in stating he would talk with leaders of countries like North Korea Syria, Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba. Indeed, their support of Hillary makes sense since their people personally know what being oppressed is all about. Some people like Clinton because she is ambitious and understands the hard world of politics. Thus, she doesn’t agree with the whining that Democrats do concerning the way Republicans campaign. Some people find this a good turn in the way Democrats campaign. Others like her because they distrust the media crowd that denounces her and likes Obama. Many like her because her supporters don’t .e from the media and because that same media cuts them down as drinkers of six packs. Many people that dislike this cutting down of Middle America like Hillary. People that don’t care for the elitist crowd in the Democratic Party like Hillary because she is proud of her Middle class roots; just what is wrong with being Middle Class is her question and theirs. The mass media isn’t in touch with a lot of American citizens and their lives and views. Some of the reasons that even some conservatives like Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State are that she is a strong-minded woman that will back the United States on foreign policy. She has a bulldog tenacity that is needed in that position. Others like the fact that as the Secretary of State she isn’t using her following and tenacity to influence the senate because she is a liberal. Though a liberal, she is one that believes in America and will fight for the U.S. The same people like her being Secretary of State because she isn’t in Congress influencing domestic policy. At least these people see her strengths and admire them, while not liking her domestic ideas. Those that like Hillary detest the fact that the flaws of the other candidates are mostly brushed aside, but the same people that do this brushing put a microscope to Hillary’s flaws. People that appreciate knowing a topic when you discuss it like Hillary because she is very well informed. Others appreciate that she has experience in such battles as universal health care. Experience has made her wiser and having a wiser person in any government position is a good thing. The folks that like Hillary appreciate a politician that can articulate their position and has experience in the trenches. Many Middle Class people like her because she doesn’t disparage them but believes in them. If experience counts for anything in people’s minds then her extensive experience in law and politics is one reason why those that understand how important experience is like Hillary Clinton. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: