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Hardware Epson provides different media types to you more than 40 like standard proofing paper, crystal clear film and publication. Epson is famous brand which offers printers and other hardware or peripherals. It offers both rolls and sheets of different types of proofing paper: proofing paper .mercial, proofing paper publication, proofing paper white semi matte, standard proofing paper, DuPont Epson glossy proofing paper etc. Standard proofing paper is designed so that it can exacting meet to established standard of GRACOL .mittee. For accurate color reproduction it offers widest color gamut, plus thickness is perfectly suited for conforming to three dimensional package designs, base color, heavy weight and gloss level designed to match to critical .mercial offset press application. For optimize proofing application it uses ultra chrome k3 ink and this media delivers short term stability. Its has semi matte surface finish and instant drying. This papers displays outstanding performance and stability by used professional ink. Size of standard proofing 13*19 offers sheets and other size offers rolls. Standard proofing paper production is designed to offer cost effective solution for color-critical applications. The .bination of a short-term repositionable adhesive backing and Epson Standard Proofing Paper as the base makes Standard Proofing Paper Adhesive the perfect solution for color critical .ping applications. Epson professional media are printer with new technology like Epson stylus pro 7880, 9880 with 24 inch wide format printer. With bigger printer we feel more solid as .parable to most small printers. Epson ultra chrome K3 is the criterion by which all other professional-level ink technologies are evaluated. Now raise with our breakthrough latest Vivid Magenta pigments, our current generation ink technology involve only eight colors, additional a three-level black technology, to significantly enhance the quality levels for professional color and black-and-white prints. Our latest generation of broad-format printers continue to represent a level of technology unprecedented in Epson’s history. Adding the extreme precision of an Epson Stylus Pro print engine, along with the extraordinary functioning of our latest Epson ultra chrome K3 ink technology, Epson proceed new definition to future of wide-format printing. Epson proofing paper provides high degree of image quality, high density of color saturation and stability and accuracy. The choice of media is also crucial to meeting various requirements in the production environment. Glossy white is idealistic for design concepts, presentations, or fine arts applications when a high gloss, bright white finish is craved. Each ink particle has a smooth and uniform resin coating which ensures sharp image reproduction on both plain and specialty paper and offers improvements in light and water resistance. Designed with 10 mil naturally bright white base, Epson Proofing Paper White Semimatte is free of optical brighteners. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: