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UnCategorized Most popular thought considers the Asian forms of martial arts to be a combination of well performed punches, kicks, blocks, flips, and other combative gestures. A skilled martial artist performs his art like a graceful dance that is achieved through the careful honing of the bodies muscles, flexibility, and reflexes. At their core most Asian forms of martial arts are primarily focused on teaching these skills in combat, but for the more advanced student of martial arts there is a whole other side of training to be learned that involves the skillful use of deadly martial arts weapons. On the poster of his movie Enter the Dragon martial arts icon Bruce Lee is shown holding a pair of Nunchakus above his head. In his 1973 film The Way of the Dragon Bruce Lee defends himself against a group of Italian thugs that are trying to run a Chinese Restaurant out of business utilizing a pair of Nunchakus. At one point he skillfully thrashes each opponent to the ground until there is one man standing, but when this one man decides to grab a pair of nunchakus himself he smacks himself in the face on his first attempt to use them and is knocked out. The term, Martial Arts is literally translated the art of war, and martial arts weapons have been an important part of fighting styles for centuries, but they can also be very dangerous part. Those centers that do choose to train with martial arts weapons usually choose to do so at the more advanced levels. Bo Staff, Sword, Nunchakus, Sai, Tonfas, Kamas, and Escrima Stick are just some of the many weapons a student of the martial arts might use. Students and Centers that are looking to purchase these weapons will want to find a vendor that is knowledgeable and sales top name brands offering a 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee. The weapons themselves can come in many sizes and forms: metal, wood, plastic, rubber, and foam. Purchasing these weapons also mean purchasing important care products, display stands, and carrying cases. Wood or foam weaponry is the popular, safe and inexpensive choice for practicing. Foam usually stands up to multiple blows without breaking easily, and is safer to hit with. Many centers will provide their own weapons to students so as not to encourage the use of these weapons outside of the training facilities, and for parents this is a desirable option. Students who wish to eventually collect their own set of weapons can find these at excellent prices at most martial arts vendors, but it can be illegal in some places to even own certain types of weapons so buyer beware. Skilled abilities in the ways of using martial arts weaponry is a desirable talent, and to be fully versed in the forms of martial arts one must eventually learn the right method of using these ancient tools. There are safe methods and environments for training with martial arts weapons, and a responsible student will insure that he never steps outside of these bounds. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: