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Landscaping-Gardening To keep your lawn looking good, it is always important to keep thinking one season ahead. Those who prepare for spring during the winter season will always find that the grass is greener on their side of the fence. Take the opportunity in winter to sharpen the blades of your lawnmower to get it ready for the high growth season. Sharp mower blades will help to prevent the onset of fungus diseases that can attack during the warmth and humidity of Spring. Stock up on supplies now so that you are ready to perform the appropriate maintenance on your lawn in spring. Good quality turf deserves good quality care. The Love Your Lawn lawn store store is offering a discount for the month of July. Enter the discount voucher code GN1072010SMC after adding your items to receive a 5% discount on all items. The start of spring is the time to give your lawn a nice feed of fertiliser. Sir Walter Premium Lawn Fertiliser is an excellent choice and will get your lawn into top shape for a green spring and a super summer. It’s also a good idea to aerate your lawn after winter, particularly in those areas which have high traffic. You can test whether your lawn is compacted by pushing a garden fork into the ground. If the prongs will not push more than halfway into the ground, you probably need to aerate. Water the lawn well the night before you aerate to make the ground softer and your job easier. You can aerate by pushing a garden fork into the ground and moving it back and forth, and repeating at small increments. Some people choose to rent a machine or hire a contractor to do the job. For a bit of extra fun, you can use Lawn Aerator Sandals . Lastly, late winter is a great time to take care of broad leaf weeds. Broad leaf weeds like dandelions, clover, capeweed, bindiis and burrs are a really common problem and can ruin the look (and feel) of your lawn. Sir Walter Weed Control is a great choice for eliminating broad leaf weeds while leaving your lawn unscathed. It can be used on Sir Walter Premium Lawn Turf and most other lawn types. Remember, all products at the Love Your Lawn shop are discounted this July. Just enter discount voucher code GN1072010SMC at checkout to get 5% off. About the Author: Nigel Ruck was born in Birmingham and moved to Australia in 1992. He started landscaping in 1990 and established his own landscaping and design business in Sydney upon his arrival. In 2006, Nigel’s book, Hands-on home landscaping from the paving guy is a DIY guide to transforming and ordinary outdoor space into one that is both stylish and practical. Nigel is now the Lawn Care Consultant for Sir Walter Premium Lawn Turf, providing expert Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Landscaping-Gardening Natural hedges are one of the best and economical ways to increase privacy and reduce noise. One of the most popular plants used for privacy trees or hedges is a laurel. A laurel hedge can be extremely attractive. Tags: 相关的主题文章: