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The 81 year old for eighteenth times in the 77 year old brother Ma Zhi RANS         Frank Abulamike (left) and his brother John to celebrate the 2015 Chicago marathon run. Local time on October 9th, the 2016 Chicago marathon will start firing. 81 year old Frank Abulamike will try eighteenth consecutive entries. The old man is not only involved in himself, but also his family together to flicker. This time, his 77 year old brother John will be the second set foot in this track. At the age of 60, a lifetime of Chicago Frank in his home in the vicinity of the park to see the runners in the game like, want to know why they are willing to spend so much effort. "I used to think that these people are crazy – they don’t look like they’re happy" The old man told the media, "they always seem to be in pain." Now, he is not only involved in their suffering, but also understand the impulse to endure it. At the age of 63 he started running, and now 81 years old, he will be standing on the starting line for the eighteenth time in a row. Last year, the 80 year old face higher than the average temperature of the temperature and the wind in each turn seems to be blowing in the face of the wind, participated in the 2015 Chi Ma, and to a total of 6 hours, 22 minutes and a second finish. "I didn’t see it as a race, it’s a 26.2 mile journey, that’s all." 4 of his relatives also participated in the 2015 Zhi Ma, including his 77 year old brother John (6 hours 3 minutes 7 seconds), the daughter of John Janet – Abulamike (5 hours 12 minutes and 2 seconds) and Karen Dilg (Abulamike – 4 hours 44 minutes and 31 seconds) and Karen’s husband Mike Dilg (5 hours 44 minutes and 19 seconds). Although they are in front of him to finish the race, but Frank is a family man, all of them are in to see him after the game began running. "I kept telling him, ‘look what you’ve done, uncle Frank.’" Janet said. Although he doesn’t like to be in the spotlight, "I think he might be a little proud of his tradition." By the age of 63, Frank is a mechanical designer, always on the drawing board before take a long time sedentary. At the age of 63, his boss started running to keep fit. "He’s going to run, and I’m sitting there." He said, "I think my main motivation is to continue the right path in this way." After retirement, when he began to try running, Frank was surprised to find that he was not only healthier, but also happier. "After a long run, you will feel relaxed. It’s a way to relieve stress." He said, "then you can also run together with the people." He played in the 5K, then 10K, then a half horse. He ran all the way before he decided to run the whole horse. In 1999, at the age of 64, he completed his first Chicago marathon in 4 hours, 54 minutes and 22 seconds. From the first run to 66 years old相关的主题文章: