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90% people will make the mistake after the end of the passion, most people will feel a little tired, want to rest or want to relax, it is easy to do something wrong. Here are four common situations to see what you’ve done? 1, sex life before and after the bath immediately after a lot of people will clean external genital organs of their own, after all, in order to prevent genital tract inflammation need to keep private clean, but also to prevent the infection of some infectious diseases. But many people in life, a lot of sweat and feel uncomfortable, want to go take a bath. Everyone should have heard, in the exercise or after running can not immediately take a bath, which is the same reason, sex is also equivalent to a more intense exercise. And immediately after bathing is apt to cause palpitation, asthma and other symptoms, if sex after a cold bath, more serious, will make the skin vascular sudden contraction of large amounts of blood back to the heart will suddenly increase the burden on the heart. If sex after a hot bath, can make blood into the skin and muscle tissue, and other important organs caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain and heart, when blood supply is reduced, some of the body’s normal physiological function will be affected, may cause some diseases. Therefore, we recommend that the best time to rest after sexual life, such as the body back to a certain extent after a bath. 2, life life belongs to bed immediately after strenuous exercise, after the general function of the human body will feel particularly tired, so many people love to sleep. In fact, this does not eliminate fatigue, but will continue to fatigue for second days. Usually men and women from sexual excitement to the climax of the end, under normal circumstances is about 5-20 minutes, but also longer than this time. In the process of sexual intercourse, the human sympathetic nerve has been in a state of high tension, muscle is also a tight state, the human body hormone secretion will be particularly strong. This is not only the sexual organs of both parties in a highly congested state, the body’s tissues are also involved in this movement, resulting in a lot of, such as heart rate, blood pressure, shortness of breath, sweat increases and so on, in this process, the energy consumption of the body, increase metabolism. So when the life of the future will have the feeling of fatigue, mostly because of the reflection of the body relaxation results. So the sex life immediately after sleep, causing fatigue reflex function continues to relax, fatigue is difficult to disappear. After sex, it is best to do some things in daily life, you can make because of sexual stimulation after becoming dull reflex nerve full recovery. 3, after sexual life to eat cold food after sex and many people feel just like some cool mouth parched and tongue scorched, food or drink water. In fact, the changes caused by sexual excitement is only concentrated in the sensory nervous system and endocrine system, with the extinction of sexual excitement, this change will slowly return to normal, there is no impact on the reproductive organs. But because the nerve to be excited, as opposed to the usual, reduce the gastrointestinal blood will have a certain amount, so to the usual state of no recovery in the gastrointestinal mucosal hyperemia, eat cold food will cause some damage to the stomach, may cause gastrointestinal discomfort or pain. So cold or hot, as far as possible to drink warm water after sex. 4, sexual life after the hair.相关的主题文章: