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A number of literary works heavy birth – Sohu culture channel writer Fu Xiuying is 40 years old this year, in the last month she got his first novel "just published" mo. The book is in the hands of heavy, her heart is also ups and downs, 3 years of hard writing and literary pursuit for many years at that moment quickly back to flash. In June 2013, Fu Xiuying signed a "Beijing Beijing writers association literary works project system" project contract. After signing the contract, she won 50 thousand yuan to start the creation of funds, after the completion of the work, and received a reward of $50 thousand. Through a series of programs, such as selection, demonstration, project evaluation, and so on, the "Beijing literature quality project system" is innovatively put into the whole process of writer’s creation. In 4 years, there have been 34 creation topics successfully signed the project, both Zhang Jie and Liu Qingbang has long been famous writer signing, Xu Kun, would rather have such literary backbone, and Xu Zechen and Huo Yan 70 after 80, outstanding young writer. In the hands of these writers, a number of literary works have been born. Beijing Writers Association vice chairman in the Secretary General Wang Shengshan recalled, in early April 2012, the Beijing writers association with more than 40 authors in 3 months of communication and discussion. The writers are mentioned in novels in long period, if there is financial support, will be able to concentrate on the creation, no compromise to the bookseller. After much discussion and argument, the Beijing Writers Association draft and submit the "implementation plan" and "literary works project literary works project management approach", was soon approved. "Novels should prepare at least two or three years, we value pre funded project started to give 50 thousand yuan, but not complete works after the award, this is the only one in the country." Wang Shengshan said that the writers do utilitarian things. Fu Xiuying in the rural novels of "Mo" the story impressed the judges, she also became the second batch of writers in a. Once, a lot of familiar critics remind Fu Xiuying, now this year and write the theme of city as well. Friends also suggested that we have turned to the international, who also look at the rural story? But Fu Xiuying insisted on turning to a long tradition, "I went back to my hometown and returned to Fangcun." She knew his courage from the "Beijing project" literary works ", it can let me quietly write this book, the Beijing Writers Association support into a heavy sense of responsibility and mission." Writer Liu Qingbang three years have signed a contract for the work of the three, he is also the project since the winning rate highest writer. What’s more, Liu Qingbang’s breakthrough, exploration and harvest in the past few years have been closely linked with the quality of literature. Liu Qingbang has been so grateful, he can not find the North: nanny in Beijing, after the declaration, the experts carefully negotiate, strict selection, and ultimately let the creative project through. "Generally speaking, literary works project is signed long and short stories do not sign, but no restrictions and fetters bound expert." This is a great encouragement to Liu Qingbang, he is good at writing coal mines, rural themes, wrote nearly 40 years of living in Beijing is the first time. "I want to write about Beijing"相关的主题文章: