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A decoding Yi: thinking hard feelings and building (Photos) decoding item Yi: body thinking with feelings of building — a real estate mister road and dream of blood type A. Libra. According to the book of the argument, this kind of people calm and elegant, his face is always quiet, but in them, people can feel very peaceful atmosphere. They are very high in taste but prefer to take a low profile. Strong personality, smart, aggressive, with a flexible and good questioning of the brain, often extraordinary ideas. What’s more, they tend to have a superior aesthetic outlook, and they hate the ugly side of the world. Whether you believe it or not – sign, when you get to know a group deputy general manager of ADA Yi, you will feel it is very accurate: Oh, a Yizhen is such a person! In the real estate sector for 20 years, 10 years as executive vice president of the Yi, actually have how forte, supported him in the strange and changeful estate market raging like a storm, a way to go today? Now, when he was carrying two, 88 Jiuxi ADA ADA boutique project is what battles bard, let him have no certainty of success and self-confidence? Nobody can casually succeed, what is the success of a Yi? Don’t worry, I like you, eager to decode a Yi, decoding the man mystery charm. The pursuit of the ultimate item Yi was born in 1971 in Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, parents are educated in Shanghai. The small child grew up in adobe room, did not think of herself one day, with house building, forged indissoluble bound. When he was 10 years old, and his parents back to Shanghai, was living in Xujiahui, the house is also very small, and the noise of the environment, so that he was not willing to stay at home, have time to run out. Perhaps, it is because of poor housing conditions in childhood, let a Yi later regardless of their own house, or to participate in the construction of real estate, have a very harsh and critical pursuit. The Shanghai Institute of Political Science and Law law professional graduate, after graduating in 1994, but the choice was also beginning of foreign real estate enterprise as the starting point of his career. He first started from market research to start, every day to draw the map, write a survey report, in order to accurate, Mister they must walk the way to do the investigation, said to him: "you are my eyes, you are wrong, I was wrong." But the occupation they must wear long sleeves, a Yi still remember when he, one day down, shirts will be wet several times. It is also time to develop the occupation accomplishment, let a Yi regardless of the weather reheat, do not wear short sleeved. At that time, the boss also asked his research report, "don’t let me change a word", and Yi did his research report, from the initial several sheets of paper to a dozen pieces of paper, the boss will be changed to the later real word does not change. But in a Yi left, his research report by the company as a model, develop a later staff plan. Later in the company to do sales, he also did the sales champion. Because of his excellent work, he was soon another.相关的主题文章: