A finale, Xiao Nai God! Why is Yang Yang so handsome! marie digby

A finale, Xiao Nai God! Why is Yang Yang so handsome?! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Yesterday a large woman brokenhearted, the tears flow into the river, they called to say: the world owes us a Xiao nai! "If what I have for you at first sight. God is affectionate confession moved to tears, this…… It’s about us! Slightly more than the temperature is not scattered, it came to Yang Yang and micro-blog, tear force war, anyway, you boys, you have to trust.   professional look at the face of the director to talk about Yang Yang’s sex scandal aside Yan come to Hong Kong to lick Yang Yang together, first saw that just soso, but second saw that handsome, third eyes, lying trough: it should only be the sky, the earth which was heard several times! To send flowers, the director said business scientific analysis about Yang Yang Shuai point where then! We face very standard according to the golden ratio Yangchang Yang, almost could not pick up flaws, of course because of his face with the "golden ratio", can take only a perfect proportion of people can hold live "Marquardt mask":: Marquardt mask was plastic surgery expert Stephen Marquardt by Huang established an ideal proportion beauty model, as long as it is able to perfectly fit the model of the face is no dead face. Your husband Wu Yifan looked very handsome, little pointed face this Han Feng, it was far from perfect as long as the "Marquardt mask", even if not all accord with people’s aesthetic, is also hard to find a little wrong, so called her "Guo Jizhang" makes sense out of the Fan Ye, go to the world is also relying on a a north-south take Daniel Wu’s face and handsome old resistance and good-looking so, this is why you think Yang Yangshuai, and do not know the reason why he even gets handsome. Nani? Do you think he is not handsome? Where do you say he is ugly? In line with the traditional aesthetic standards in accordance with the "golden ratio", Yang Yang’s face is more in line with the traditional standard three court five, looks handsome tough. To achieve the ultimate evaluation of side Yan more rigid standards of "four high and three low" and "high four" refers to the high – profile sites: the forehead, nose, lip and chin beads. "Three low" — between the eyes, the nose forehead junction is depressed; upper lip bead, is depressed people; beneath the lower lip and a little depression. So Yang Yangcai often resorted to side Yan killed the girl heart face will be pregnant ah face although popular oval face, oval face, but Yang Yang on the small face handsome kill four smile face slightly pointed face looks a significant mandibular angle, contour line is very obvious so that small face, let him show without a mother, steel not reckless uninhibited face is pretty girls deer to jealousy, but on a slightly soft oval face, handsome, less heroic spirit (Table I) and Feng Shu such a sharp face, more and more Zoupian Jian Feng, Chen Zi to photograph the baby close eye at first glance Yang Yang’s eyes were not european"相关的主题文章: