A man with a knife into the Shenzhen people’s hospital doctor claimed to be hacked huangshexiaoshuo

A man with a knife into the Shenzhen people’s hospital doctor claimed to be hacked 14 morning 11 am, Shenzhen City, Luohu District Shenzhen People’s Hospital hospital clinic department building, a man with a knife hacked into suddenly shouting to a doctor, was then rushed to the police uniforms, the scene no casualties. The scene it is understood that the 14 day at 11 in the morning, a man wearing a black dress into the Luohu District Hospital Department of Shenzhen People’s Hospital, suddenly from the bag took out a knife, shouting in the hall to be hacked a doctor. After the hospital on duty security found, immediately approached the man tried to talk, but his emotions more excited, then, the hospital security officer immediately reported to the police. Luohu bamboo police station rushed to the scene immediately, a few minutes later, the police successfully overpowered the man, and the man back to the police station for further investigation. Reporters learned from Shenzhen People’s Hospital, the incident was more abrupt, and in a very short period of time the man with a knife on the police uniforms. There was no injuries, the hospital after investigation, found that the hospital did not shout the man in the doctor. Subsequently, the Shenzhen Luohu public security alarm broadcast: micro-blog released in November 14, 2016 11, a man hospitalized in Shenzhen People’s Hospital Department Hall on the first floor of the outpatient building suddenly took out a knife and shouted, hospital security guards quickly and timely alarm disposal. Luohu Public Security Bureau bamboo police station after receiving the report quickly out of the police, at 11 pm and 05 hospital security guards together with the man was subdued scene without any casualties. After investigation, the man Jin Moupeng (29 years old, Shenzhen hukou, unemployed) claimed by diagnosis and treatment of a doctor of dental problems dissatisfaction, but the hospital survey said no doctor. According to Jin Moupeng’s parents reflect, because of mental problems to Shenzhen People’s Hospital. Currently, the case is under further investigation. Shenzhen evening news reporter Gao Xiangrong trainee editor responsible editor: GDN006相关的主题文章: