A new round of cold air into 8 parts of Fujian Province, the temperature or diving over 10 degrees icesword

A new round of cold air 8 Fujian temperatures in some areas or diving over 10 DEG C on 4 November, xinhuanet.com Fuzhou (Liu Feng) Fujian Provincial Meteorological Observatory, on the 8 day, the new cold air to Fujian, around the temperature will decline again. It is reported that this weekend to the beginning of next week (November 4 ~ 7), the temperature gradually picked up around Fujian. By the strong cold air southward, 8, affected by strong cold air, over temperature decreased, the minimum temperature of 11 ~ 9 day cumulative decline of Nanping, northwest of Ningde and Sanming, Longyan four City 8 to 10 DEG C, the local more than 10 DEG C, the remaining 5 to 8 DEG C. 8, upper trough, strong surface cold air southward, the weather is cloudy, north central part of the region and the rest of the local rain; over temperature decreased. 9-10, an upper trough, surface cold air continues southward, the province overcast weather, each part of the light rain, 9 northwest of Fujian local rain around the temperature continues to drop. 11, by the ground cold high control, the province’s weather sunny to cloudy; around the morning and evening temperatures are low, the temperature difference between day and night. The 12 day, the ground cold high gradually eastward into the sea, the clouds increased to mainly cloudy weather. 13, the bottom of the weak cold air from the east to supplement the south, the province cloudy to overcast weather, the northern part of the rain. Daily weather forecast: 5 ~ 6, the province cloudy to overcast, of which the northern part of the northern part of the 6 night rain. 7, the province overcast, the northern part of the rain. 8 ~ 10 days, the province overcast, around the city part of the light rain, of which 9 northwest of Fujian local rain. 11 ~ 12 days, the province cloudy. 12 night to 13, the province overcast to cloudy, part of the northern part of light rain.相关的主题文章: