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Henan, a principal traced to the extensive " "   customers; have been expelled from the party and dismissed – Channel – people.com.cn original title: Henan, a principal traced to the extensive "pornographic" has been expelled from the party and dismissed for the net exposure, Henan Chapaev bilingual school principal Wang Xingwen pornographic incident, the reporter from the 13, the official was informed that Wang Xingwen has been the local discipline expelled by the school board removed from the principal duties. Over the past few days, a "Henan Luyi County Bureau of education led the king of stability, you return my youth, but also my hard-earned money."! The posts, illustrated in the network crazy pass. From the posts of the more than 10 bed according to the "visible, suspected in the hotel room, a naked man and a woman lying in bed, and two indecent behavior. The article, "with you for three years, you want a divorce to marry me, buy a house for me, now I put my money to you to do business together, you lose everything, added a new one, I will not let you continue to deceive a woman, I am not afraid of your killer……" And so on. In view of this network public opinion, Luyi county Party Committee Propaganda Department 13 to reporters sent a situation report, in October 8, 2016, the network appeared "Luyi county education bureau leader Wang Xingwen, also my youth."! Net posts. After the discovery of this clue, Luyi County Commission for Discipline Inspection quickly set up a survey group, the network reflects the problems in a timely and serious investigation. The investigation, Wang Xingwen since October 2009 has served as secretary of the Party branch of private private Luyi county middle school Chapaev bilingual school, and the school board, was appointed as the principal of the school. Recently, Internet users reflect their improper sexual relationship with others. Informed that Wang Xingwen’s behavior seriously violated the discipline of the party, resulting in extremely bad social impact. In October 9th, Luyi County Bureau of education in accordance with regulations for investigation of Chapaev bilingual middle school Wang Xingwen suspended; in October 12th, the Luyi County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee meeting decided to give Wang Xingwen expelled from the party, and the Luyi County Chapaev bilingual school board of directors decided, replacing the principal Wang Xingwen Chapaev bilingual school position. Luyi County Bureau of Education Information Center Director Li previously surveyed, Luyi County Chapaev bilingual school is a private school, but the school party secretary Wang Xingwen department appointed by the Bureau of education in-service for staff. (Liu Peng) (commissioning editor Chen Siwei and Chen Rujian) 河南鹿邑一校长被曝大量"艳照" 已开除党籍并免职–河北频道–人民网 原标题:河南鹿邑一校长被曝大量“艳照” 已开除党籍并免职   针对网曝“河南鹿邑伯阳双语学校校长王兴稳艳照”事件,记者13日从鹿邑官方获悉,王兴稳已被当地纪委开除党籍,同时被校董事会免去校长职务。   多日来,一条《河南鹿邑县教育局领导王兴稳,你还我青春,还我血汗钱!》的帖子,图文并茂在网络空间疯传。从帖中的10多张“床照”可见,疑似在宾馆房间内,一男子裸身与一女子躺在床上、以及二人的不雅行为等。   帖文中,“跟了你三年、说要离婚娶我、给我买房子,现在我把自己的钱全部投给你一起做生意,血本无归、你又添新欢了,我不会再让你继续骗女人了,我不怕你的杀手了……”等等语句惹人关注。   针对此起网络舆情,鹿邑县委宣传部13日向记者发来一份情况通报称,2016年10月8日,网络上出现《鹿邑县教育局领导王兴稳,还我青春!》的网帖。发现此线索后,鹿邑县纪委迅速成立调查组,对网络反映的问题进行了及时认真调查。   经查,王兴稳自2009年10月至今任民办民营中学鹿邑县伯阳双语学校党支部书记,并经学校董事会研究,被任命为该校校长。近日网民反映其与他人发生不正当性关系,经多方调查取证,情况属实。   通报称,王兴稳的行为严重违反了党的纪律,造成了极其不良的社会影响。10月9日,鹿邑县教体局依规对伯阳双语中学王兴稳停职接受调查;10月12日,经鹿邑县纪委常委会议研究决定,给予王兴稳开除党籍处分,并经鹿邑县伯阳双语学校董事会研究决定,免去王兴稳伯阳双语学校校长职务。   鹿邑县教体局新闻中心李主任此前受访介绍,鹿邑县伯阳双语学校虽为民办学校,但该校党委书记王兴稳系教育局委派的在职在编人员。(刘鹏) (责编:陈思危、陈汝健)相关的主题文章: