After 13 years of marriage, Esther Kwan Nick Cheung will let husband propaganda

After 13 years of marriage, Esther Kwan Nick Cheung will let husband propaganda Esther Kwan October 14th news, according to the "Oriental Daily" reported that Esther Kwan attended a charity event, asked Sean Lau to send his wife Guo Aiming a company, she said the company will lose money, "Nick Cheung will write on the line, the company would not write my name, good things to tell." Although Esther Kwan was jealous, but when asked if Nick Cheung had not sent a gift, Esther Kwan said: "he is the man has a gift, which men are working so hard, and will not engage in other things, he is not what other love, only love creation, usually at home all right to write the script. Do you think Nick Cheung left you cold? In the early stages of his struggle, he had a cold shoulder, but now he’s a good writer, but he’s not here." In 2003, Esther Kwan and Nick Cheung married, in Australia in January 24, 2006, Esther Kwan gave birth to a daughter Zhang Tong caesarean section. Related news: her brother, Dan TVB… Esther Kwan Nick Cheung, against the growth of the fairy tale love reliable the Hongkong actor always come in pairs! They focus on acting, acting burst, trophies get together, but always keep the distance with the world and gossip, insulation, wife ten years as one day, low-key and homely….     we talked yesterday is married to the highest degree Miss Hong Kong Sean Lau. Today is to talk about his colleague, another big strength actor, TVB’s sister red heart of the capture of Nick Cheung.     saying what actor acting can burst to even the crow’s feet are the play???     the answer is Nick Cheung in the movie "the apostle"!!! In this film, with every one of his wrinkles are indicative of the strength of the actor.     although the "apostle" is only half the size of the samsung.     but it is no exaggeration to say that three of them were given to Nick Cheung. (of Louis and Wu Mashui sorry)     the users in the most popular movie title, also let a person is lifted down down     now if Li Yifeng and William Feng together, to catch up with a Nick Cheung ", but also scientific.     and for another movie "witness", Nick Cheung was a record seven winner material record! In a single piece of work to get the best male actor award in the field, and even Tony Leung classmates is a silent upper case.       this is a splendid history of Hongkong’s powerful actor, but there have been 7 years of history, and once the bitter experience to Hongkong in the film’s most inspirational case counter attack.     and one of the key figures, was once popular, but in the most popular time fade showbiz TVB rising star Nick Cheung & hit the hearts of loved ones; elegant — Esther Kwan.     set in a fall in love with dragons rising star actors.相关的主题文章: