After dinner the evening man killed the murderer arrested after 10 years clonecd

After dinner the evening man killed the murderer arrested after 10 years, 10 years ago, the villagers of Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County, Zhang Moumou was hit on the head with a club, died. 10 years, Fuxin police have not given up the investigation of the case. In September 22nd, close cooperation in Fuxin City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment and Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County Public Security Bureau, which successfully cracked the "2006.5.2 Zhang was a case of injury death". About a friend was beaten to death in the evening of May 2, 2006, the victim Zhang about a few friends to a restaurant to eat. After dinner, Zhang went to the hotel to pick up the car when the backyard was killed. After the incident, the County Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to, immediately dispatched elite police task force composed, to carry out the case work. However, due to the complexity of social relations, to carry out a large number of investigators in the investigation and investigation work, and did not find valuable clues, so always unable to lock the suspect, detection deadlock. This year, the Fuxin Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment and County Public Security Bureau set up a joint task force, "2006.5.2 Moumou was the case of injury death" combs, the use of information technology means of investigation on this case for tackling again. In early July, the ad hoc group after a lot of careful Mopai, careful investigation, and found the victim Moumou village Wu Moumou suspicion. Wu Moumou with the same year to do agate business, each other as competitors, and many disputes and disputes, and even once, because of business disputes, Zhang was a discount of Wu Moumou arm. Accordingly, the task force concluded that Wu Moumou retaliation Moumou motive. Immediately, the task force to carry out investigation around Wu moumou. However, after careful investigation, the task force found that when the incident, Wu Moumou did not appear in the scene. But it is doubtful that Wu Moumou has been working so Moumou in the second days of the crime disappeared. The suspect hiding for 10 years after the arrest accordingly, the task force will be transferred to the investigation direction of Bai Moumou body. Investigators use the City Public Security Bureau data system for more than 200 people with the identity of the identity of white and so similar to the screening, and ultimately locked the target. In mid September, the ad hoc group Fuxin City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade deputy commander Xu Xiaofei led the arrest group to Inner Mongolia to carry out the work. In cooperation with related departments of the police, after a week of careful investigation, September 22nd at 13:30 PM, zhuabu in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of Tongliao city crime suspect Bai Moumou arrested. Suspect Moumou Moumou confessed Wu Moumou ordered his stick hit the victim Moumou Moumou criminal facts of death. 15:30 on September 22nd Xu, County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade Deputy captain Zhou Jishuang led another group to arrest the suspect Moumou arrested.相关的主题文章: