After only a week on the summit! Vixx new music program

After only a week on the summit! VIXX new song won the music program first VIXX Tencent entertainment news November 8th, VIXX in SBS MTV THE SHOW theme song The Closer return, only a week to get the first place. The same day, dressed in blue and VIXX appeared with golden epaulets seam lines and focus the gorgeous jacket on the stage, VIXX showed overwhelming enthusiasm to face tough and charismatic dance, the audience will be fixed line of sight. The selected THE SHOW CHOICE in N expressed gratitude to the fans very mind, and said: "VIXX is to get the first prize, as that of our fans have to give us the Star Awards, I think I am as a representative in receiving this award is very valuable prize, really thank you very much." Return to the theme song "The Closer" is the theme of the refined ElecSynth as the theme of the song, a song of love and power to show a man’s song. VIXX the theme song for the "VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION" the long march of the Chinese land ornament. With the new album "Kratos" as a year of large-scale planning of VIXX, not only in Korea, Billboard and FUSE TV and other overseas well-known media are also concentrated in the report, causing a large number of attention. The theme song "The Closer" VIXX "THE in the successful return to SHOW board on the peak, the road is moving towards the trend of beans. On the other hand, VIXX’s return to the theme song "The Closer" is active in a variety of music arena.相关的主题文章: