After the opening of the new seven traffic congestion in the surrounding traffic congestion is now e iptd-651

After the opening of the new seven surrounding traffic congestion this good bus service encryption public bike: North and east side of campus is a public bicycle rental point of the 1, South Gate campus distance straight line distance of about 500 meters. South gate within 300 meters (LITE-ON road and Jiangning road junction) planning a public bicycle rental point 1, according to the annual plan, the public bicycle rental will be put into use at the end of this year. Bus lines: from the current situation of the campus surrounding the bus line and the distribution of school students point of view, 815 bus routes better service to schools. The routing of the city bus company launched operations in August 28th this year, the main line is set up to seven new microcirculation in the relocation of the main line, way of crane, oriole, Wang Ai and town community. As the operation data, the line work flow in the 250-300 million day peak period (6:10-7:00, 16:30-17:30) at intervals of 10-15 minutes, peak passenger flow of about 28 people, full rate is 87%, the peak period passenger less than 10 people, full rate is only 31%. Construction vehicles: campus in the vicinity of the construction of more land, due to the surrounding road conditions, the campus of the south wing of the construction of the 2#-1 project in the town of Feng Ning, mainly relying on the eastern side of the campus of the Jiangning road access. Before the start of the school, in order to ensure that the campus surrounding traffic orderly, safe and smooth, the traffic police department has accumulated in the vicinity of the school to investigate all kinds of illegal construction truck 76. After school, the traffic police department, the police have been deployed in the campus surrounding the association auxiliary strengthen daily management. How to optimize and improve the traffic around the new campus in seven?相关的主题文章: