Alec Su was a director who could not work for

Alec Su: the director was to collapse not only work for money Alec Su Xiaoqin Wen as a pioneer of Chinese idol niche, in this small meat can be popular in the world of the times, Alec Su [micro-blog] has turned to shut the door and the director. He even won’t mention the actor’s career past, now he, his heart flutter in the second film "suspect X". This famous movie original novel, is the representative of reasoning master Keigo Higashino, before also have had the Japanese version, Korean movie bead front. Dare to challenge the project, there is no doubt that a person who is ambitious in the identity of the director. Alec Su said that he was tired of doing "was well protected, the artist wants to be pushed to the wild stock or floating clouds, accident director position. But since done, let the fault finder have nothing to say — like many other Virgo director, Alec Su is also a hands-on, carp who torture themselves, are suffering all the crew. He admits that he would hurry to Detroit in the studio, domineering declared: marketing and the box office is not my thing, but the director within the scope of things, don’t touch! In September 20th, after more than three months of shooting, "suspect X" finally fixing. Sina entertainment for the first time rushed to the city of Harbin, an exclusive dialogue with Alec Su just walked out of the studio. He was wearing a thin coat, chin to think, thinking speed fast, actually had a little taste of the great detective. "I’ve been in this mood for too long and need to leave," he said. He admitted that more than three months of continuous high load operation makes him feel tired, the middle once to collapse, is the crew of the family to support each other down. In addition to the cast to temporarily keep outside, Alec Su shared a lot of the direction of exclusive behind the scenes, including the script adaptation, the story framing and localization, how to select the actor and so on. According to Alec Su revealed that the China version of "suspect X" is an episode of careful high IQ and American movies, similar reasoning, all clues about the answer will be in front of the story, the confidence to wait for the audience to challenge. Alec Su summed up his work on the previous director left ear: very Alec Su, not so perfect, but not so bad. This time, he put the shooting process as a spiritual life, learning tolerance, communication, understanding, learning out of the protected ivory tower, led the team to learn knowledge. Now you want to know about the suspect X’s dedication to the most behind the scenes, in our interview. Alec Su’s "suspect X" [green] want to make a movie both commercial and art films, Harbin, I want to have the sense of stable cast temporarily released, there will be a surprise: Sina entertainment finally finished, took more than three months, how do you feel? According to the original plan should be heard as early as one day fixing. Alec Su: today is inserted two empty mirror, has been delayed some, so the production group has been very anxious about this thing, on the wishful thinking through the rehearsal can be completed yesterday相关的主题文章: