Ali’s market capitalization of $265 billion into Asia’s first Internet Co tamiflu

Ali break the $265 billion market value into the first Asian Internet Co U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes view the latest quotes of the United States on September 15th, Alibaba (BABA) listed on the NYSE stock rose 2.05%, the closing price of $104.45, market capitalization of $265 billion 930 million. In the market capitalization of China Internet Corporation list, Ali continues to lead, and become Asia’s largest Internet Co. Alibaba in the United States listed on the same day the bell ceremony (map) the same day, the Tencent Holdings (Stock Code: 00700) on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange rose 0.575%, closing price of HK $209.80, the market value of HK $1 trillion and 986 billion 59 million. According to the exchange rate of 1 Hong Kong dollars equal to $0.1289, the current market value of about $256 billion 3 million. In mid August 2016, Ali and Tencent has released 2016 two quarter earnings, which was evaluated as China’s Internet industry, AT era, the arrival of the declaration, is also the starting point of the current round of soaring market value of both companies. Ali was harvested since the strongest growth since IPO, Tencent has also achieved the largest increase since 2012. The market value of the two companies which ranked above $240 billion. The two companies on the layout and future through the declaration at a glance. Ali is focusing on business infrastructure and ecological construction, and Tencent choose to use the best game business to complete the realization of social and media content. At the time of the report, the electricity supplier is still the bulk of Ali’s revenue, but one of the most investors are concerned about cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, innovation projects are clear as the new three engines". Through big data, cloud computing, logistics, payment and financial cultural entertainment, Taobao and a series of rural layout, Ali had the ability to provide Internet infrastructure to the business community and upgrade. Tencent earnings in the two quarter earnings is the most watched game, its online game revenue grew by $17 billion 124 million to $32%, accounting for the largest proportion of all revenues. Hand travel revenue of about 9 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 114%, the growth rate is far more than other businesses. Online games have long driven Tencent, which is also a key point to understand the comprehensive income of Tencent." Duncan Clark, director of investment technology analysis and consultancy, points out to BBC. July 2016, Tencent to about $8 billion 600 million acquisition of Finland mobile game developer Supercell. The United States "fortune" magazine thus asserted: Tencent will no longer show the image of social media giant." Through the acquisition of Supercell, Tencent gaming revenue is expected to surge to $13 billion. This means not only in the $99 billion 600 million global gaming market, Tencent will dominate the share of 13%. At the same time also indicates that more than 70% of Tencent’s revenue will come from online games. According to Sina’s financial data, currently the highest market value of China Internet Corporation among them, Ali ranked first, followed by Tencent. Baidu city 3相关的主题文章: