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A tropical cyclone evolves when the storm system fueled by the heat released when moist air rises and the water vapor in it condenses. The earth’s rotation also imparts an acceleration. Tropical cyclones are distinguished from other cyclonic windstorms. 1.nor’easters. 2.European windstorms. 3.polar lows. by the heat mechanism that fuels them, which makes them "warm core" storm systems. there are various terms by which tropical cyclones are known, Depending on their location and strength. 1.hurricane. 2.typhoon. 3.tropical storm. 4.cyclonic storm. 5.tropical depression. Tropical cyclones can produce strong winds such as tornadoes, torrential rain, high waves and storm surges. These can produce extensive flooding. tropical cyclones also can have beneficial effects by relieving drought conditions. Mechanics of tropical cyclones: tropical cyclone is a large, rotating system of clouds, wind, and thunderstorms. Physical structure: A tropical cyclone consists of the following .ponents 1.surface low 2.Warm core 3.Central Dense Overcast (CDO) 4.eye 5.Eyewall 6.Rainbands 7.Outflow Locations of formation: There are many names for the tropical cyclones. 1.ITD- the Intertropical Discontinuity 2.ITCZ- Intertropical Convergence Zone 3.monsoon trough most of them form between 10 and 30 degrees of the equator and 87% form within 20 degrees of it. Basins and Monitoring Institution: 1.In Northern Atlantic there is a WMO Regional Specialized Meteorological Center called WMO Regional Specialized Meteorological Center. 2.In Northeastern pacific there are two WMO Regional Specialized Meteorological Centers called the National Hurricane Center and the Central Pacific Hurricane Center. 3.In Northwestern Pacific there is one WMO Regional Specialized Meteorological Center called Japan Meteorological Agency. 4.In Northern Indian there is a WMO Regional Specialized Meteorological Center called the Indian Meteorological Department. 5.In Southwestern Pacific there are several WMO Regional Specialized Meteorological Centers such as Fiji Meteorological Service, Meteorological Service of New Zealand, Papua New Guinea National Weather Service, and Bureau of Meteorology. 6.In Southeastern Indian there is a WMO Regional Specialized Meteorological Center called the Bureau of Meteorology. 7.In Southwestern Indian there is a WMO Regional Specialized Meteorological Center called Mto-France. Places most prone to cyclones: 1.Northern Atlantic Ocean 2.Northeastern Pacific Ocean 3.Northwestern Pacific Ocean 4.Northern Indian Ocean 5.Southwestern Pacific Ocean 6.Southeastern Indian Ocean 7.Southwestern Indian Ocean Unusual formation areas: 1.Temperate subtropics 2.Low latitudes 3.Southeastern Pacific 4.South Atlantic 5.Mediterranean Sea 6.The Great Lakes Effects: A tropical cyclone moving over land can do direct damage in four ways 1.High winds 2.Storm surge 3.Heavy rain 4.Tornado activity The distruction that can be done is. 1.Disease: the warm tropical climate and the wetness can lead to epidemics of disease which claim lives long after the storm passes. 2.Power outages: due to the cyclone there can be a power cut for millons of people. 3.Transportation difficulties: often destroy key bridges, overpasses, and roads, .plicating efforts to transport food, clean water, and medicine to the areas How To Choose A Great Roofing .pany By: Williemae Wunderly – What Are The Benefits Of Chip Tuning In Cars? 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