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Health One way to lose weight and get in shape is with an exercise bike workout. But why use an exercise bike instead of another piece of exercise equipment and what are the advantages? The following will define the calories that get consumed while utilizing an exercise bike, as well as what else helps with weight loss. Then the types of bikes are described and what to expect with each as well. You can burn up a good many calories with a typical stationary bike routine. For example, for a 150 pound person here’s what happens. Pedaling really hard and fast burns about 9.6 calories per minute. Casual pedaling uses about 7.9 calories in a minute of riding. That means about 300 calories is all you will use in a half hour workout. Of course coasting along at an easy pace may produce almost no results. After all, it’s work that uses the calories… But what if you pick another type of exercise? Would that be better? Rowing a rower at a moderate pace burns about 7.9 calories a minute. Step aerobics burns 11.3 calories per minute on a 10 to 12 inch step. Bicycling at 12-13.9 mph uses 9 calories every minute. Running 5.2 mph gets rid of 10.2 calories per minute. So your results will be about the same no matter what you push, pump, pedal or ride. It’s about 3500 calories to the pound of fat and that’s a lot… That’s a bunch to get rid of at a mere 300 calories in a single session. But it really is more involved since the mechanism calories get consumed depends on if we’re considering fats or carbohydrates or protein. Each is used as energy but all get used differently. To burn fat takes some time as you can readily observe. But where the stationary bike riding really shines is the speed up of metabolism. Know that the right type of exercise can actually make a body a better fat burner. Exercise bike workouts can help speed metabolism especially as muscles get built and stronger. That’s why lots of exercise books encourage some kind of weight training. It’s muscle building that can speed fitness improvements and fat loss. But what about the different kinds of exercise bikes? As you can easily see, it takes time on a bike or whatever you use to get much in the way of results. It’s steady, regular workouts that will get you where you want to be. That means a bike that is .fortable to use and not a hassle will more likely get used. A cheap bike simply will not last long at all… It’s just a matter of how quickly the .e-apart is .plete. That’s why the better deals are really in the moderate-priced machines that are built heavy and durable. Whether a recumbent like the Schwinn 240 recumbent or an upright, either type will do. Another plus to mid-range bikes is most are .puter controlled and magnetic drives. That means a quiet and smooth ride. The programmable bikes that provide simulated real-world workouts make for more interesting workouts. What stops many exercise bike workout routines is just plain old boredom. It’s the more interesting riding that makes a .puter an important part of an exercise bike. But there is another approach. The dual action bikes like the Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike make for a .pletely different workout experience. By working both upper and lower body muscles the workout is more balanced and interesting as well. That’s another way to fight boredom. Also using more muscle groups makes for a more balanced workout as well. It takes time to get rid of fat with any kind of exercise. An exercise bike workout is something that’s convenient to do and thus more likely to get done and results are more sure that way. It’s just that the mag.ic drives are found on many bikes now and can be a real plus for an interesting workout that will get done and produce results. But then, the fan resistance bike like the Schwinn Airdyne make it interesting in a different way but can also keep it less boring and more encouraging. After all though, no matter what kind of machine you have, it’s a matter of using it often and with vigor that gets you toward your goals. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: