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Exercise For as long as I have been into adventure sports (read: 20 years or so) Suunto has been the .pany with the best products for your outdoor watch and .pass needs. They have positioned themselves as the innovator – and with products like the Suunto Core, and Suunto T series they have always been on the forefront of technology. Suunto began in 1936 as a .pass manufacturer. Founder Tuomos Vohlonen was able to develop a process for efficiently mass-manufacturing liquid filled .passes. In the 50’s the .pany evolved to produce dive .puters, and for 40 years their expertise was in the aquamarine world. Starting in the 90’s Suunto developed it’s outdoor .puter line, starting with the Suunto Vector. The Vector was a huge hit, and sales remain strong even while Suunto continues to introduce new watch lines like the Suunto Core and Suunto X series. After a decade as the market leader in altimeter watches, read on to see the Suunto Vector features that have made it the popular altimeter watch on the market. Obviously, the main reason people buy an altimeter watch is for the device’s altitude tracking features. The Suunto Vector is loaded – with a total range of greater than 29K feet, a single day memory, and elevation difference feature, the Suunto Vector is set to meet all your outdoor information needs. Since the Suunto Vector uses barometric pressure to track altitude, a neat feature is the barometric pressure display. With just a little training, this can be a valuable safety tool to let you know about changing weather conditions. An added, nice to have, feature on the Suunto Vector is it’s digital .pass. does not advocate using only a digital .pass (you should get a handheld, manual one) as it is reliant on a battery and can be a big drain on your watch’s battery life. However, the .pass feature on the Vector .es through accurately enough to get you headed the right way should you need to use it. The most notable feature of the Suunto Vector is it’s reliability. Made with a tough, water resistant casing and well tested software, the Vector is the watch of choice should you need a device that is functional and tough. It is not the prettiest of watch pieces, but when in the wild function is more important than form. The Vector can still be found in three varieties (Black, Yellow, and XBlack) and retails for 199 USD. For under $200 you can have a functional, durable, well tested safety machine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: