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Analysis of Boas’s tactics: offensive defense tim – Sohu prefer 433 worries on the Hong Kong Sports officer A Boas as coach, not a little preparedness, Hong Kong just changed their coach. If you care about European football, not to coach boas too strange, he sent the nickname "Mourinho II" Portugal Marshal start was the gift "tactical master" title, from the path of his coaching and coach, what are the characteristics? 1, the formation of choice even if Boas once according to the situation in the choice of the formation has made some adjustments, but they can not cover the Boas love for 4-3-3 system. In the Boas formation, the back 4 is fixed, the adjustment will not change in any case; front three is not change, a center plus two winger is standard. There is a change, only if the attacking midfielder, and Boas will only arrange a defensive midfielder, the formation of 4-1-2-3, if the need to strengthen the defense, Boas will be at the expense of an attacking midfielder to play the double waist Bianzhen 4-2-3-1. Erickson’s Hong Kong mainly in the 4-2-3-1 formation, if Boas used this system, the Hong Kong team adaptation is not difficult, but if a 4-1-2-3, then defensive midfielder pressure will suddenly become larger, the two side guard task will be more heavy. 2, technical and tactical style for boas, the offense is the best defense. No matter what team coach Boas, the team’s style is doomed to attack the main. Although after coaching Zenit, Boas in the "focus on the convergence of this attack", but look at the number of goals special, you will understand that "it is easy to change, hardly change human nature" is how one thing. In general, Boas’s technical and tactical style has two characteristics, one is focus on the transition of rhythm (with Mourinho somewhat similar, but not identical), another way is to pay attention to the rate of the ball, the ball is not easy. And another feature on offense and defense conversion complement each other is to pay attention to the high closing down, once the ball, in place to launch anti rob, and strive in the shortest time to put the ball right back to their feet. 3, personnel selection preference to the boa, the most happy person is undoubtedly Hulk. Boas was president, Hulk didn’t make a transfer rumors, which assists the league goal, as did fall, which is "the most used hulk of the coach, after all the same period in the national team, Scolari did not play out the characteristics of" green giant ". According to the old habits, the next season the main right winger – Hulk, and in front of the attack group of three people most likely is "Wu Lei + + aierkesen hulk". In the centre of choice, Boas more emphasis on the positive defensive ability of the players, but it also planted a hidden danger, especially at Tottenham, both in Kabul, Dawson or Weil Ton Henry, Tottenham defence Kolk, always give a person with "strong positive, and flawed impression, two the fullback and halfback and defensive midfielder is not understanding the situation is also often occur, but there is also the Boas line staff are not fixed.相关的主题文章: