and JetBlue Airways which are some of the commercial airlines that fly you to the Bahamas from Continental USA. There are also flights that come here direct from other parts of the world like Air Canada 白俄罗斯一战机起火 修电梯只到自家

Vacation-Rentals Bahamas Vacations in Eleuthera the Best Bahamas Vacations often pass through the island of Eleuthera because of its seclusion that affords peace of mind and at the same time one can find the most modern hotel and resort facilities. Go to the Glass Window Bridge that extends the Northern part of the island to the Eleutheran mainland and see the stunning contrasts of colors between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean; this is one picture you will never want to miss taking. Hatchet Bay Cave stretches a mile and its filled with stalactites and stalagmites which can give the illusion of underground churches. The Beach at Pineapple Fields is a wonderful treat for your eyes which can be enjoyed more at Tippys; a bar and restaurant nicely located with a view of the pineapple plantation. British Royalty has an eye for beauty as some of them have been seen on the shores of Eleuthera. Glorious Bahamas Vacations at the Abacos Islands Visiting the Abacos Islands during the Bahamas Vacations are always exciting times for you and the family whether you admit it or not. The calm and shallow waters allow for a host of water sport activities like sailing and boating as well as snorkeling, diving and fishing around the island. The perfect white sand beaches and private coves are perfect for sunbathing or swimming. Marsh Harbour has a nice vibe to it and this is where most of the hotels are as well as the marinas where you can rent out boats or use them for docking. Treasure Cay is the place to go if you are itching to play a game of golf or feel for yourself the softest sand there is in the whole island and maybe the whole of Bahamas. This place will surely awe you with the spectacular scenery and clear blue waters which is enough reason for you to come back on your next vacation. Second Time Around – Bahamas Vacations and Honeymoon Plan on Bahamas Vacations if you want a second honeymoon thats more romantic and much closer to nature; couples whove been there can attest to that. The Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort and Offshore Island in Nassau is a Five Star Diamond recipient and is one of the most lavish resort hotels in the world; book a villa in the Royal Village and enjoy a world of your own in complete privacy with the best amenities like a full bar, private pool plus the place is covered with lush and colorful foliage that will add to the romance. Cruising on a yacht while watching the sun set over the pink beaches of Harbour Island is simply magical and for many sailors and yacht operators the best place to do it is in Romora Bay Resort and Marina. The Sky Beach Club of Eleuthera Island offers a romantic seascape and personalized service which can make your honeymoon more special. The Bahamas will surely make you glad you decided to stay. Bahamas Vacations: How to get there Summer is just around the corner and you are thinking of availing Bahamas Vacations for you and your family. There are several ways to get to this island paradise either by air or by sea and one of the most preferred methods of going here is joining a cruise tour which lists Bahamas as one of the ports of call. This way, you not only get to enjoy the tropical waters and fine white sand but the journey as well. Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruises are some of the well-known cruise lines that ply this route. You can also fly to the islands either by commercial flight via American Airlines, Continental Airlines, and JetBlue Airways which are some of the commercial airlines that fly you to the Bahamas from Continental USA. There are also flights that come here direct from other parts of the world like Air Canada, Cubana Airlines and British Airways. You will have a stress-free way of reaching the islands with the many available modes of transport available for our use. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: