Andy Lau responded to fans and security heilian hope to understand each other (video) reshacker

Andy Lau responded to fans and security "black": hope to understand each other Andy Lau response: I hope fans and fans of the event to maintain security personnel to understand each other about Tencent entertainment news (Wen Li Xiaoya Wang Dong camera) September 22nd, Andy Lau unveiled its starring the "trump card" with ACE world premiere scene, the final part of the photo, a fan of Andy Lau want to take a photo with him, the security was pulled down, Andy Lau immediately rushed shouting "stop!" With a black face to the stage near the steps, he looked at the security with a slight fury. At the same time, Andy Lau also made a gesture to all the fans who were close to the stage, showing them to be careful. Since then, Andy Lau returned to the stage to continue to take pictures, but compared with the previous look depressed. When the event of late to hot news, fermentation on the network platform. The next day, the film held a press conference in Beijing, part of the group’s visit, the media was asked to respond to the incident, Andy Lau did not shy away, choose the direct response: "we have seen on the Internet, I hope you (fans and security personnel) understand more about each other, no good." But then also called on everyone to continue to return to the topic of the film. Andy Lau has always been a fan of the fans, many times for the safety of fans, to discourage the excesses of security, and even confrontation with the security. That’s why Andy Lau is so popular with fans.相关的主题文章: