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UnCategorized Although the program is relatively new, Angel on a Leash has had great success in providing therapeutic dogs to benefit patients in hospitals, specifically the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York Presbyterian. The pediatric patients here are helped with the dogs because they find so much joy in interacting with them. This interaction counteracts the stress that .es from inpatient hospital stays and reduced stress aids in healing. This is not to say that all children who get to interact with the dogs are miraculously healed, just that their bodies are better able to work toward better health. Through the dogs, these children find a connection to the world outside the hospital rooms and corridors. They feel the unconditional love that dog’s provide and this helps healing, both psychologically and physically. Various organizations contribute their expertise in the training of these dogs, which is obviously important since they must go into very public places to interact with patients and their families. Some of these organizations include: Delta Society, Good Dog Foundation, and Vancouver Therapy Dogs. Thanks to this training, spirits of patients, families, and staff members at the hospital are lifted. The program is funded, in part, through the sale of the Westminster Kennel Club poster, "Westminster. There’s Only On," which is produced yearly by different artists. The 2006 poster was painted by Bart Forbes, who is a sports artist. Since the release of the poster (two years) it has sold out each year. To contribute to the program, order a poster, or find out more about the program, you can call 01 212 213 3212. If you are in an area that doesn’t have a program like this, you may consider working with groups to create a dog therapy program to help patients in your area. What Kind of Dog Can You Get if You Live in an Apartment? All dogs can adapt to apartment living, but some are easier to get into apartments than others. For instance, many apartments (and rental houses) have size limits on pets. By having a small dog, you have a better chance of finding a place that allows you to have him. Puppies are not always wanted by rental units, either. Because of scratching, chewing, and housebreaking, these adorable little beings aren’t so adorable to landlords. Some apartments actually insist that only pure-bred dogs are allowed to live in them. This is actually not a discriminatory thing, it’s because people who actually pay for pets generally take good care of them. Something to consider when living in apartments is shots. You should always keep your dog’s shot up to date, but it is especially important when living in apartment .plexes that allow pets. Bordatella (kennel cough) vaccination is generally an optional shot, but should be given when your dog will be living in such close proximity to a number of other, unknown dogs. This vaccine is also required when you take your dog to boarding kennels, if you ever need to do that. Other important considerations are: Exercise, remember that your dog doesn’t have space to run outdoors, so you will have to make sure he gets plenty of exercise. Annoying Behaviors, yappy does are most annoying to neighbors, behavioral training is important when living in close proximity to other people (even in places other than apartments). Space, even if the landlord allows large breeds, they may not be appropriate to the amount of space you have. Keep in mind that some of your dog’s exercise is from roaming the indoor space he has, so he needs space in proportion to his size. With proper thought and care, any dog can be an apartment dog. You are the responsible party, though. Make sure that you take the time to work with your dog to help him adapt to apartment living. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: