Anhui first three quarters of the price complaints, property charges and housing prices complained m-pretty rhythm

Anhui before the three quarter price complaint of property charges and real estate prices the most complaints original title: Provincial Price Bureau announced the three quarter price complaint property fees and real estate prices most complaints in November 7th, the provincial Price Bureau announced the three quarter of this year, the province’s price complaint situation, property fees charged and the real estate price and the largest number of complaints. In the three quarter, the price complaints center of all levels in the province received 3647 complaints and 3299 pieces. Among them, the price complaints report dealt with 380, the implementation of economic sanctions 386 thousand and 920 yuan. From the number distribution of complaints and investigation, 263 acts of unfair price behavior. Among them, property fees charged (illegal or ultra standard) and real estate prices (sales, publicity etc.) complaints are 19, public parking lot parking fee is 18, the price of drugs and medical services 17, transportation charges 17, respectively accounting for complaint before 5. In the complaints and reports of the price department of the province, it is found that the price fraud phenomenon of online sales is frequent. Mainly for the sale of commodity network original fiction, false labeling of price induced consumption, settlement price is higher than the price, price or price promotional picture text. In addition, the price tag is not real supermarket or settlement price higher than the price tag price; logistics companies charge storage fees or the price tag is not without prior notice; fees of private hospitals without publicity and did not inform the price; entity pharmacies selling drugs (special offer retail price and membership price consistent drug) is not clearly marked or inform and reflect the scenic spots; the hotel restaurant is no more than the settlement price of the menu or menu price, the hotel parking lot, hotel supermarket, barber shop no problem found more price tag.

安徽前三季度价格投诉举报 物业收费与房产价格投诉最多   原标题:省物价局公布三季度价格投诉举报情况   物业收费与房产价格投诉最多   11月7日,省物价局公布今年三季度全省价格投诉举报情况,物业费收取和房地产价格投诉举报查处数量最多。   三季度,全省各级价格举报中心共受理价格投诉举报咨询3647件,办结3299件。其中价格投诉举报查处办结380件,实行经济制裁38.692万元。   从投诉举报查处数量分布看,不正当价格行为263件。其中,物业费收取(违规或超标准)和房地产价格(销售、公示等)投诉举报均为19件,社会公共停车场停车服务收费18件,药品和医疗服务价格17件,交通运输收费17件,分别占投诉举报前五位。   在全省物价部门接受的投诉举报和查处中,发现网络销售商品价格欺诈现象频发。主要表现为网络销售商品虚构原价,虚假标注价格诱导消费,结算价高于图片宣传标价、优惠价或文字说明的优惠价。   此外,实体超市未明码标价或结算价高于标价签标价;物流公司收取仓储费未明码标价或未事先告知;民营医院未公示收费标准和未告知收费价格;实体药店销售特价药(零售价与会员价一致的药品)没有明确标示或告知;以及反映景区酒店餐馆就餐无菜单或结算价超过菜单价格,酒店停车场、酒店超市、理发店没有明码标价等问题发现也较多。相关的主题文章: