Anhui’s first tumor next month to open the next month to allow patients with dignity to go winpm

Anhui’s first cancer hospice institutions open next month to allow patients to go with dignity cancer, most lack of hospice care, how to make the cancer with the dignity of life ends? September 18th, the reporter learned from the cancer hospice care forum was informed that Hefei has 12000 people die of cancer every year, and more than 6 of patients with advanced pain. Next month, Anhui province’s first "hospice" institutions will be open for terminal cancer patients in the familiar home environment, enjoy the family company, and by the doctor to help relieve treatment, care and psychological comfort, relieve physical and mental pain, serene, dignified walk life journey. At the end of the cancer, the most important thing is that with the aging of the population and the deterioration of the environment, the incidence of cancer continues to rise. According to the Anhui Provincial Tumor Institute chairman, vice president of two, an affiliated medical oncology director Chen Zhendong introduction, in 1976 China’s cancer mortality rate was 769 thousand and 610, and in 2013 rose to 1 million 488 thousand and 110, 37 years doubled. The tumor incidence increased with age, especially over the age of 50 with the increase of age increased significantly, and the tumor mortality with age gradually increased, especially over the age of 60 with the increase of age increased significantly. According to incomplete statistics, about 12000 people die of cancer every year in Hefei, while the vast majority of patients died from hospital beds. " cancer patients to the end, most is the lack of hospice care. " Chen Zhendong told reporters that many families think that the best hospital to the patient, the doctor can help solve the problem, this is not the case. It is reported that cancer to end, at least 64% of the patients with different degree of pain medication to ease, but also need more is dying of psychological counseling and mental comfort, for family, friends and the community of caring people together to complete. The province’s first "hospice" tumor mechanism in patients with advanced cancer open next month, is to continue to suffer violent to accept treatment, or choose another kind of dignified comfortable way? This regardless of the doctors, patients, or family members are dilemma. "You don’t have to accept the violent treatment, no great economic consumption, but can provide professional means to control patients with pain and complications, can provide a scientific diet, organized activities, not only from the medicine, can also mentally alleviate the suffering of patients, so that patients in the moment, live with dignity, have comfort." Between the hospital and the family of "Ning Fu" institutions, the experts agreed that it is a better choice for patients with advanced. It is understood that the province has not yet been a professional "Ning" institutions in the country, this is still in the exploratory stage. Hefei cancer rehabilitation care center will be opened next month, when you can treat 30 patients". At the forum, the director of the Hefei Provincial Center for rehabilitation and treatment of cancer and health care center, told reporters that this is the province’s first tumor, Ning Fu institutions. Patients will be in a familiar home environment, enjoy the company of their loved ones, and by community doctors, social workers and religious people to help physical and psychological relief treatment, care and comfort, etc.相关的主题文章: