Another for the friends of Tibet scam old man received the check collection Award

Another for the friends of Tibet scam: old man received the check collection award source: Xinmin Evening News Xinmin Evening News reporter Xu Chi original title: the old man received the check collection "reward" bank staff in a timely manner to prevent fraud means of telecommunications fraud in August 25th, Agricultural Bank emerge in an endless stream, Shanghai Fengjing branch staff and foiled for new scam friends of tibet. Caption: "cheque" is a fraud. The network map on August 25th in the afternoon at 3:40 PM, a man hurried to the Bank of Shanghai Fengjing branch, ready to transfer 1000 yuan in cash, and asked the staff in after the transfer is successful, help activate a $fifty thousand check, alert staff immediately found the problem. According to the Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Fengjing branch staff said, the old man to check back with the endorsement of production is very rough, but also not really like a cheque. When will the old man go to the staff offices for detailed inquiry, and took out a check on Zhen Zhang. At this time, the old man also received a phone call, the other party has asked the man whether remittances have been completed, the staff immediately grabbed the man’s mobile phone, to start questioning, they immediately hang up the phone. At this time, the old man to see light suddenly. Originally, the old man is a collector, criminals learned after the match, the name of some time ago in Shanghai collectors association donated some small collections to him, to win their trust, and to express to pay the way to the old man received a 880 yuan fee. After that, he sent the fake cheque of fifty thousand yuan as a reward". Police advise, if you receive checks and other information, be sure to contact the police, you can also consult the bank, do not believe the sky will fall pie".相关的主题文章: