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Anthony 22 wave God 21+8 New York Derby Nicks [] superstar style score reversal nets! Runaway Anthony chopped 12 points led the anti Tencent November 10th sports news New York Derby Nicks staged, trailed by 14 points in the case of complete reversal, beat the nets in the home court 110-96. Anthony scored 22 points and third day even take 14 minutes to turn the tide, 21 points and 8 rebounds, Bohr Tianjin 11 points to help Nicks win paratelum. Jeremy Lin suffered a hamstring injury to a truce, Lopez 21 points, Justin – Hamilton 21 points and a career high of NBA. Muskmelon’s ball Click to view the field of technical statistics data of the nets team Nicks Lopez 21 points and 4 rebounds in 3 data blocks Anthony 22 points and 7 rebounds and 2 assists, Hamilton 21 points and 4 rebounds, 5 points three Ross 14 points and 3 rebounds and 4 assists Jefferson 8 points and 5 rebounds and 4 assists, Pohl Zingis 21 points and 8 rebounds and 4 three points: the field star king Anthony Anthony made the singles slow, the first half of the 11 voted 8 to get 3 points in the third quarter, "Muskmelon" hand back, a single 9 throw in 6 scored 14 points, even during the 6 ball, showing the league’s top singles, single handedly led Nicks to win the final turnover situation. Game review: God to tear the nets muskmelon wave for the first time this season, the New York Derby, Jeremy Lin missed the war because of the leg injury of the old master. The game started, Ross scored the first shot, then hit three points, Nicks will start to lead. The development center Lopez show this season – skill package, follow the ball fast break three points hit, the next pivot ball assists Joe Harris in three, the nets to overtake. Pohl Zingis took off across the buckle could not succeed, the nets counterattack, Lang Dai – Hollis – Jefferson layup, Lopez grabbed the ball, a two attack Nuo A and Pohl Zingis under the hook shot, the nets stopped playing Nicks. Nicks’s suspension has failed, substitute striker Justin Hamilton nets even in the two record three points, Foye added a note from the nets, the nets will help expand the lead to 12 points. The three bench players Justin Hamilton, Joe Harris and Foye in the first quarter, a total of 6 hit the three ball 6 in 4 in 4, Nicks ace Anthony first feel bad, 4 shots were not hit. Lance – Thomas scored a layup, Nicks 19-29 behind the nets 10 points at the end of the first quarter. The second day war, Scola and Justin – Hamilton has shot 14 points ahead of Nicks, the nets. Courtney Lee Yuen Dole to help Nicks out after the score. Justin Hamilton dropped into the third individual record three points, the nets to stabilize the situation. Lopez orders Nuo A to pick the basket hook shot, 10 points ahead of the nets. Anthony hit three points, Pohl Zingis was first put into long shots, then cut the bottom line should be received Nuoace ball to complete the split button, Nicks stopped playing nets. Lopez was suspended after layup points, Anthony scored long-range, Lopez jumper to fight back, the 55-50 is 5 points ahead of Nicks to complete the first half competition. Lopez 8 points in the first half of the cast of 15 points in the game, Justin – Hamilton, the cast of 7 in the three points of the ball in the 3 of the 6 points in the game: 6.相关的主题文章: