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Movies-TV In time like every autumn the beginning of the cinema season brings many new movies. From science fiction to art films, from now on and until Christmas cinemas will be invaded by many movies, for all tastes. Following the interest awoken by this new way of making movies, many of the films that we will enjoy soon will be 3D films, like in the case of Hugo Cabret, by Martin Scorsese, and Final Destination 5, the latest chapter of the famous series. Scorseses movie is a transposition of Brian Selznicks novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret and tells the story of a little orphan named Hugo Cabret, who lives in Paris Station. His adventures begin when he meets a girl, a broken robot and the owner of a toyshop. Final Destination 5, by Steven Quale, belongs to another genre: a mix of horror and thriller which will be appreciated by the fans of the series, and not only by them. Very interesting are also some animated movies for children: some of the most interesting ones are Puss in Boots, spin-off of much appreciated Shrek 2, and Arrietty, a Japanese movie inspired by The Borrowers, the characters that were born of the imagination of British author Mary Norton. A special mention is also due to another animated movie, which will certainly be appreciated also by adults, especially by those who used to like the comics that have inspired the movie: The Adventures of Tintin – Secret of the Unicorn is the first movie taken by the famous comics created by Belgian author Herg, and Steven Spielberg is the director. From productions to directions Spielberg appears as one of the protagonists of this cinema season: as producer, Spielberg worked for much awaited films like Cowboys & Aliens by Jon Favreau, Real Steel by Shawn Levy and Super 8 by J.J. Abrams. All these films are connected by the fil rouge of science fiction, which is something typical of Spielbergs style: if Cowboys & Aliens can be described as a mix of genres (western and science fiction first of all), Real Steel combines action, science fiction and drama telling about the arrival of robots in the field of boxing. Last but not least, Super 8 mixes thriller and science fiction, and it has awakened a great interest since the first projection of its trailer during the Super Bowl. Another long-awaited movie that we cannot but speak about is Breaking Dawn, the latest chapter of Twilight, much-awaited by millions of kids, and Sherlock Holmess second episode, titled A Game of Shadows. Among all these American productions also some very interesting Italian movies stand out, like This must be the place by Italian director Paolo Sorrentino, stannring Sean Penn, and Emanuele Crialeses Terraferma. Both movies are already getting themselves positively talked about, as the first one won the ecumenical award at Cannes Festival, while the second one was awarded during the Venice Festival with the special jury prize and was also chosen as the Italian representative to compete for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: