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B: intelligence Laval in the nine round league scoring 5 goals only got one Friday 011           B   VS; Laval Claremont       2016-10-01 02:00       Venue: Laval, Francis Le Bassil stadium weather: cloudy 16 degrees: Laval Laval in the last round away against the boolean lattice, the results of the two teams tied at 0 than 0 boring. The nine round only got one of the Laval current points only 7 points, ranked third countdown. Nevertheless, Laval’s defensive line has been confirmed by the parties, defender Afogu was selected into the last round of the best lineup. But only defensive team can not win, from Laval record will be sure of this, nine games and scored 5 goals, since lost striker Aliwei Laval, utterly routed attack. The nine round is still not a hero stand out goal for the team, the first half of the season is not worth looking forward to laval. Clement Clement: the situation on a home court against Strasbourg, both teams also drew the stuffy. Veteran Du Jimeng due to physical problems, the last round did not play, and replace him on the LOPI also showed no proper level. Since the transfer of Dieye Di U French, the team’s offensive strength can be said to be a fall 1000 long, before the French second attack would be one of the best Claremont so far only scored 8 goals. As the opponent, Claremont offense no outstanding performance, the defense has been affirmed. Defender Li Weiran was selected as the best team in the last round. Analysis of the game: in the last six games, Laval scored a total of 1 wins and 3 draws and 2 losses, including home game of 1 wins and 1 draws, scoring at home for the ball, lost 2 goals. Clement recently made 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 losses, of which the road away from the top 1 and negative, scored a goal in the field of the ball, lost 2 goals in the game, and the loss of a total of 3 goals in the last six games. The results of the two teams in four games for the last two years has achieved 1 well-matched in strength, 2 wins and 1 negative record. The compensate the Lord – index at around 2.4, while the disc is given a hemisphere to the Lord – not much hope to win even negative recommendation draw, the number of goals 0,2. Lineup prediction: Laval (4-3-3): Holt Boyce, Quentin, Gu Mu Fu, zieler, Perot, M· Deng, Del, Ella Bailey Coulthard, Ural Malonga, Ze S· Kone Clement (4-3-3): Djellabi, Ning, Fontaine, Seoul, Li Weilang, Jon Avnet naster, heat stroke, echo Gerbo Te, Jobero, Centonze, Ayueerke (farim)相关的主题文章: