Ba Antsoru met with Deputy Secretary of the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party committee, ch demonophobia

Ba Antsoru Jiang Chaoliang met with the deputy party secretary of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, chairman of the Autonomous Region — Jilin cloth Kobayashi Channel – original title: to achieve common prosperity and development in September 29th, the provincial Party Secretary Ba Antsoru, governor Jiang Chaoliang met to visit the Jilin University, deputy party secretary of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, chairman of the autonomous region in Changchun cloth kobayashi. Ba Antsoru on behalf of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government welcomed the arrival of cloth Kobayashi and his party, congratulations on the successful signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Jilin University. He said that in recent years, under the correct leadership of the CPC Central Committee and State Council, we focus on the overall revitalization of the old industrial base of the central task, and actively build natural ecology, delicate gas is picturesque scenery in the political environment and a vibrant economic ecology, advancing West and East "three plate" strategy to do "in the" new "out of thin air" two articles, to promote social economy maintained a good momentum of development. Jilin and Inner Mongolia are geographically close to each other, complementary resources, industrial relations, cultural exchanges, economic and social development of complementary, strong integration, great potential for cooperation and development. We will continue to attach great importance to exchanges and cooperation with Inner Mongolia, and strive to promote the two provinces to achieve common development and common prosperity. Cloth Kobayashi highly appreciated the achievements of economic and social development in Jilin. She said that Jilin’s comprehensive strength, especially the obvious advantages of talent. Inner Mongolia and Jilin are closely linked and have good cooperation. We hope that the two sides will further strengthen cooperation in personnel, science and technology, foreign development and other aspects, to achieve a higher level of mutual benefit and win-win. The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region leader Ma Ming, Bai Xiangqun, Secretary General of the regional government of Deng Yuelou; provincial leaders Zhang Anshun, Li Jinxiu, Yang Zhenbin, Secretary General of the provincial government Liu Xijie attended the meeting. (reporter Cao Mengnan) (commissioning editor: Intern, Wang Diyuan)相关的主题文章: