Battle of the goddess! 2016 Beijing women’s marathon starting – beautiful sports Sohu-519697

Battle of the goddess! 2016 Beijing women’s Marathon – beautiful starting at the end of the 10 Beijing Sports Sohu has the chill, but is running enthusiasm did not retreat. On the morning of 29, Migu good run · 2016 Beijing women’s half marathon in the Garden Expo shots to start running, this event sponsored by the Beijing City Athletics Association, Beijing City, Fengtai District Sports Federation, Beijing Park Management Center, Migu Interactive Entertainment Limited, Beijing shang’air culture media Co. Ltd "," female occupation magazine agency. A high value of the women run friends feast lit the Beijing running circle, but also shows the spirit of the new era of women.   goddess class to enjoy the service of the moment, the movement of women and the concept of the transformation of the entire sports market has brought tremendous changes. Migu good run host the Beijing women’s half marathon, an important measure is its platform layout, but also for women running the rich market, to provide a stage for the majority of women to their running friends, demonstrating the feminine beauty and vitality. Despite the recent Beijing in the early morning low temperatures close to 0 degrees, but there are still nearly 7000 female runners without fear of cold, early arrived at the park track, and the level of air quality to achieve "excellent", the blue sky and white clouds and beautiful track, people feel comfortable. Motorcycle escort for the race to clear the way, 28 rabbits and Migu good run recruitment (lead run member) uniform for men, from mature uncle to sunshine fresh little meat, but also by the majority of female runners welcome. Eventually, after 90 beautiful girl Luo Chuan to 1 hours 23 minutes and 18 seconds to get the title of this event. Each finished female runners, have received a male model in the roses, and get a carat diamond necklace, and rose shaped medals. After the stretch recovery area, professionals for everyone to do a massage, as well as the uninterrupted supply of energy for everyone Migu coffee. Every detail of the set, highlighting the good intentions of the Migu run for the tournament.   the pursuit of beauty in the pursuit of the pursuit of professional beauty, warm at the same time, Migu good run safety, but also the pursuit of professional sports. As an experienced sports team, Migu can run in order to ensure the safety of all players, along the supply station, road.designs, security team, rescue teams are high standards and strict requirements. 1200 volunteers from Renmin University of China, Chinese People’s Public Security University, School of labor relations, for a period of 5 days of Marathon basic knowledge, service etiquette, competition rules, responsibilities and content of training. On the track along the way, Migu good run team set up adequate drinking water and beverage station and energy supply station, to provide bread, bananas, sports drinks and other rich supplies. The whole drug prepared adequate first aid medical supplies, abrasions, falls. At each filling station, the players are accommodated and the emergency rescue team is equipped. AED medical team also entered the track in advance, to make adequate preparations for emergencies, all logistical arrangements, to ensure the safety of the marathon in an orderly manner. &.相关的主题文章: