BBC’s twenty-first Century’s 100 greatest movie five Chinese movie finalists – International sichen

BBC’s "twenty-first Century’s 100 greatest movie"   five Chinese movie finalists – International – despite the twenty-first Century just in the past 15 years and a half, BBC could not wait to invite 177 critics from all over the world 36 countries voted "the greatest film of twenty-first Century". This list does not go high cold line, but both art and business, the majority of works list is our work for having heard it many times. "In the mood for love" ranked second in this list, 5 Chinese works on the list, including Wong Kar Wai’s "in the mood for love" surprise in second; Yang Changde’s classic work "11" in eighth; the rest of the list of Chinese works also include Ang Lee’s "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Brokeback Mountain", Hsiao-Hsien Hou the Assassin "Nie concealed woman". Ranked first in the list is David Lynch directed the "burning brain" film "Mu Landau". This list? Language from 20 different language film composition, including 57 for English, 13 French, 4 Spanish, Mandarin, Hungarian, Thai respectively 3. In the sex list, there are 12 women directed by the director (including working with male directors). Among the film critics, 37 women. However, according to the results of the poll, the female film critics will not be more inclined to the work of female directors. The most popular film is a film that we are familiar with. Director Weiss Anderson? ("Budapest Hotel", "genius", a "Moonrise kingdom"), Christopher Nolan ("memento" and "the Dark Knight" and "Inception"), Cohen brothers ("zuixiang ballad", "old men", "serious man") and 6 directors there are 3 works on the list. 11 directors, including Ang Lee, have a short list of 2. The film festival and the four International Film Festival style, this list is more inclined to the Cannes film festival. There are no less than 45 films premiered at the Cannes film festival. When it comes to more familiar with Oscar, it seems inconsistent with the voting film critics taste. 100 films, only 4 won the Oscar for best film, 8 won the award for best foreign language film, the 66 film in the 39 film, Oscar had never had any award finalists Oscar. BBC twenty-first Century "100 greatest movies": "Landau moehle" (Mulholland Drive) – David Finch? -2001 "in the mood for love" (In the Mood for Love) – Wong Kar Wai -2000 "there will be blood" (In the Mood for Love) – Paul? Thomas? Anderson -2007 "spirited away" (Spirited Away) – Hayao Miyazaki -2001 "Youth" (Boyhood) – Richard Linklater? Eternal sunshine of the Spotless Mind "-2014" (Eternal Sunshine of the Spot)相关的主题文章: