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Gaosongzhuan: alert the scenery behind the trap Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to tutor Liu Zenglu since the end of last year, the high transfer stocks that began to appear in the band of the market. After the year of monkey, "not only the highest higher" high transfer scheme is still in another, and speculation in the market is getting better and better. Market analysts believe that the high transfer concept is always the main aspect of the annual market a year, over the years will be repeated market speculation storm, with 2015 annual intensive disclosure period is coming, the future will still continue to appear to have a large proportion of the new transfer targets, means that the outlook for this plate will continue by the latest news stimulation. However, note that although "gaosongzhuan" is always the A shares of the "dark horse" of the plate, speculation enduring, but which also contains some "trap", investors should be more careful in stock selection. For example, in the market now repeated stocks Nuggets craze of the moment, gaosongzhuan "figures behind the seemingly brilliant" there is a lot of discord, including Hareon, good technology, more than the company’s high transfer program because of delays in the implementation or after the announcement of face, and is the attention of management. Last October 22nd, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued "on the Capitol Suntek Polytron Technologies Inc relevant responsible person to supervise concerned decision", involving Capitol technology chairman Liu Wei and other 6 parties. This is the first concern letter issued by the Shanghai stock exchange for the delayed implementation of the transfer program of listed companies. At the same time, the East Network in the disclosure of the semi annual profit distribution plan of the controlling shareholder proposal for 10 Zhuanzeng 20, shares in the relevant announcement after several days of continuous rise, but eventually the audit work can not be completed on schedule "reason to postpone the implementation of high transfer program. Therefore, in the face of seemingly attractive "high send", investors also need to guard against the trap behind generosity. In addition, mentioned the high transfer, investors tend to think of steady growth in operating performance of listed companies and shareholders, but in 2015 the performance of listed companies notice, these "generous gaosongzhuan company, no falling profits or even losses. According to Wind information statistics, 95 listed companies have been launched in 10 to send more than 10 of its dividend plans in 2015 net profit fell or expected decline has 11, further highlights the risk of a bubble. In the bonus King throne Jin Sheng precision is a typical example. In January 2016, the loss of more than 200 million yuan in the first three quarters of the victory precision disclosed a 10 to 30 of the "high send" plan, triggering a great uproar in the market. In the harvest of a trading board, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued the first time with Sheng Precision letters of concern, "you have no intention of reducing", Jin Sheng Precision reply also made it clear that the major shareholders in the future may reduce, so the high transfer motivation obviously. The day before, Jin Sheng Precision released results of letters, the reporting period, the loss of 460 million yuan, down 718.51%. theory

高送转:警惕风光背后的陷阱 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   刘增禄   自去年年底开始,“高送转”概念股即开始不断出现波段性行情。猴年春节过后,“没有最高只有更高”的“高送转”方案仍在接踵而来,且炒作行情渐入佳境。   市场分析认为,“高送转”概念总是每年年报行情的主要看点,历年都会得到市场的反复暴炒,随着2015年年报密集披露期的来临,未来仍会不断有新的大比例送转标的出现,意味着后市这个板块将会不断受到最新消息的刺激。   不过,需要注意的是,尽管“高送转”历来是A股的“黑马”板块之一,其炒作经久不衰,但其中也暗含了一些“陷阱”,投资者在择股时须多加小心。例如,在市 场屡现概念股“掘金”热潮的当下,看似辉煌的“高送转”数字背后却出现了不少的不和谐声音,包括海润光伏、佳都科技等在内多家公司的“高送转”方案均因拖 延实施或公布后变脸,而被管理层关注。   去年10月22日,上海证券交易所发布《关于对佳都新太科技股份有限公司有关责任人予以监管关注的决定》,涉及佳都科技董事长刘伟等6位当事人。这是上交 所对上市公司延迟实施送转方案出具的首份关注函。与此同时,东方网络在披露了其控股股东提议的半年度利润分配预案为10转增20之后,股价亦在相关公告发 布后连续数日上涨,但公司最终却以“审计工作无法如期完成”的理由推迟实施“高送转”方案。因此,面对看似诱人的“高送转”,投资者也需要警惕慷慨背后的 陷阱。   此外,提到“高送转”,投资者们往往首先想到上市公司经营业绩和股东权益持续稳定增长,但从2015年上市公司的业绩预告来看,这些“慷慨解囊”的高送转 公司,不乏利润下滑甚至亏损之流。据Wind资讯数据统计,在已经推出10送转10及其以上分红预案的95家上市公司中,2015年净利润下滑或预期下滑 的已有11家,泡沫风险进一步凸显。暂居“分红王”宝座的劲胜精密就是一个典型的例子。   2016年1月,前三季度亏损超过2亿元的劲胜精密披露了一份10转30的“高送转”预案,引发市场的轩然大波。在收获了一个涨停板后,深交所第一时间对 劲胜精密发出关注函,急问“有无减持意图”,劲胜精密回复时也明确表示了大股东未来可能减持,所以其此次“高送转”动机显而易见。日前,劲胜精密发布了业 绩快报,报告期内公司亏损4.6亿元,同比下降718.51%。   表:送转比例超过10转10但年度业绩下滑或亏损的公司 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: