Before the Sydney Olympic Games women’s Volleyball Setter exposure and the spirit of Lang Ping’s

Before the Sydney Olympic Games women’s Volleyball Setter exposure and the spirit of Lang Ping’s generals Zhu Yunying and Hu in gratitude because a word and generals hope the team more cohesive Zhu Yunying guest chat show sports Tencent recently September 4th, before the Chinese female volleyball team and Atlanta Olympic Games silver medal member Zhu Yunying guest Shanghai media, she broke the news that before the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, she took the initiative to speak coach Hu Jin, head coach of the team hope the team spirit better together, did not expect after Hu listened very angry, was not going to take her to Sydney. Later, Sun Yue, Wu Yongmei, and other old team members under the persuasion, Hu Jin reluctantly took her, but put her on the bench in the position of the. Young fame, when 18 year old Lang Ping Zhuyunying have followed Lang Ping in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, she was discovered and trained, with the typical characteristics of Chinese elite culture. Her father is more than 1 meters 80, the child lively Zhuyunying at the age of 7 was sent to the sports school basketball practice, she said: "the coach a look at my dad 1 meters 8, waved his hand, I entered the team." Zhuyunying childhood love watching drama "Volleyball", on Oka Junko’s thunderbolt, swiftly very worship, she said: "I just know later, I from the third grade primary school has been tracking. I was tracking the Shanghai women’s volleyball team leader Qian Jianan, he and I are good friends of the basketball coach, I’m 13 years old they arranged to send me to the volleyball team." In 1991, there is no basis for Zhuyunying volleyball into the Shanghai youth women’s volleyball team, she said: "at that time the team has been through scientific testing, I can’t predict too long, so I began to put a precise culture towards the direction of the second." Lang Ping took office in 1995, the 17 year old Zhuyunying Ritchie into the national team, 20 years ago, Lang national team is very focused on the cultivation of the conduction band and mining couple. Zhu Yunying said: at that time I played a year in the league, the Shanghai team did not want to let me go to the national team, I feel that I have to play two or three years in the local team to go to the national team better." The two Olympic Games, Sydney regret the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games women’s volleyball team, Chinese main setter is used where Qi, Zhu Yunying was only 18 years old. China women’s volleyball team won the silver medal in the finals, they lost to ranked first in the world, has made eight cuba. Speaking of the final Zhuyunying so memorable, she said: "I was screaming my, because out of the bench by the referee. We had a chance to win, the first game we won, and then we have some changes in mentality." In 1999, Hu Jin took office, once placed Zhu Yunying in the main second position. Before the Sydney Olympics in 2000, Zhu Yunying noticed some subtle changes in his teammates, not unity. Other players may also be aware of, but no one can take the initiative to go to the boss, like her Hu Hu communication. Zhu Yunying chose bold to stand up, take the initiative to find Hu Jin communication, she recalled: "I was guided and Hu said: China women’s volleyball team is a special group, Hu, should be a little more emotional, psychological, will team together." Hu Jin reaction was相关的主题文章: