Beijing – AFC Champions League Monti Luneng 1-1 Seoul Jiangong home court was eliminated in the 2-4 -k-boxing

Beijing – AFC Champions League Monti 1-1 Seoul Luneng home court Jiangong score 2-4 was eliminated in September 14, (Hu Xuerong) September 14th Beijing time 19:302016 AFC Champions League Season 14 League final second leg to Shandong Luneng home court against Seoul team FC. The second half Montillo Luneng took the lead for the accomplishment, but then Yin Zhutai equalised, Luneng 1-1 final against Seoul FC, the total score 2-4 were out missed the semi-finals. Fifth minutes of relaxation, the wing break in the box, Paley point header, but the angle is too much by the keeper. Seventh minutes, Monti reached the corner outside the restricted area, relaxation volley, the ball struck the post into the side netting. Nineteenth minutes, Song Long in front of the cross from the left, lying in the middle of the penalty area towards the ball up the left foot Pelle Qiangdian fire, Liu Xiangxun will catch the ball. Twenty-third minutes, Yin song leading into the box date recorded on the corner, the ball out the bottom line. Seoul FC to the corner, a continuous header again after the dead straight, is the song before the ball out of the Dragon post. Thirty-fourth minutes, Hao Junmin restricted area before the straight, unguarded relaxation fast upload, grab back before the ball out in pelle. Forty-first minutes, Monti on the adjustment of direct box ball space after the long-range, the ball was Liu Xiangxun fell confiscated. Forty-second minutes, Luneng free kick, Youxilei area get rid of defense after the fire off the far corner. Forty-third minutes, Paley Zhengding caused defender handball foul, Luneng won the box before the free kick, Montillo kick, the skin around the wall and wiping out the partial column. Half ended, the two sides 0-0 ping. Easy side battles, fiftieth minutes outside the Zhao Mingjian forbidden area, Peilaimen before leaping high diving header, the ball rub column out. Fifty-second minutes, Seoul team played with FC, near the edge of the area shot Stankovic after the ball, the ball confiscated by Wang Dalei. Fifty-sixth minutes, FC Seoul won a free kick in front of Guo Taihui Road, directly from the right foot shot, Wang Dalei Cepu denied the ball. Fifty-ninth minutes, Luneng to break the deadlock, Hao Junmin wing curveball biography, Monti nodded the ball before Yiceng, ball? After the dead straight, Luneng 1-0 lead. Seventy-second minutes, Hao Junmin in the other side of the penalty area to get the ball, leaning against the defensive players turned half left foot shot, the ball grazed the beam to fly the bottom line. Eighty-third minutes, high mitsutami front right pass, Yin Zhutai pass volley pad Stankovic, inserted into the front of Qiangdian tongshe score, 1-1, Seoul FC equalizer. Finally, Luneng home court 1-1 draw with Seoul FC, the total score of 2-4 was eliminated. Shandong Luneng: 25- Wang Dalei; 31- song long (seventy-third minutes 24- Qi Tianyu), 5- Gil, 3- Li Songyi and 2- Zhao Mingjian; 14- Tong Wang (fifty-eighth minutes 35- Dai Lin), 4- Youxilei (eighty-fifth minutes 23- source); 22- Hao Junmin, 10- Monti, 13- 7- slightly relaxation; Pelle Seoul FC: 31- Liu Xiangxun; 27- high mitsutami, 55- Guo Taihui, 5- Osmar, 7- Kim Zhiyou; 13- Gao Yaohan (ninety-third minutes 3- Zheng Renhuan), 2- high Yojiro)?相关的主题文章: