Beijing next year directional training village doctors more than 110 candidates from other provinces

Beijing next year targeted training of village doctors of 110 applicants for multi provincial staff – Sohu news Beijing News (reporter Dai Xuan) yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission organizations in Changping, Mentougou and other 5 agricultural area, the second batch of rural doctors recruitment, is expected to recruit 215 jobs. In addition, the City Health Planning Commission staff at the grassroots level, said the next year plans to cooperate with Capital Medical University, 110 rural doctors directional training. 5 agricultural district will recruit 215 rural doctors yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission in Beijing health Career Academy agricultural district, held its second batch of rural doctors on-site personnel recruitment. The recruitment at the end of August for the first time on the basis of the recruitment, is the implementation of the Beijing Municipal People’s government "requirements on strengthening the implementation of the programme" village level medical institutions and the construction of rural doctors, to supplement the Beijing rural doctors staff, in order to improve the rural medical and health service level. The recruitment work involving Changping District, Mentougou District, Huairou District, Miyun District and Yanqing District 5 agricultural area, a total of 215 jobs, as the key position of mountainous and semi mountainous. Recruits from the city and other towns of the medical college education and above qualifications of assistant medical practitioners who need to have professional level and work ability and adapt to rural doctors, including general medicine, Chinese medicine, and other professional personnel and personnel recruitment requirements should be preferred, no record of bad practice and operation of village health room capacity and funds required. City Health Planning Commission, responsible person, for the recruitment of rural doctors post personnel, to provide services to the government through the purchase of services to be subsidized. 2016, qualified personnel for performance assessment, the basic subsidy standard of 3500 yuan per month, of which 60% of the public health services for the grant, and the basic medical treatment for the use of basic drugs and subsidies for 40%. On the basis of basic subsidies, mountain, semi mountainous areas of the appropriate increase in post staff subsidies. In addition, social insurance by the appropriate government subsidies. Next year, the direction of the training of 110 recruit recruit personnel is not the only way to supplement. The City Planning Commission staff told reporters that although the recruit can supply a part of fresh blood, but for practical reasons, candidates may not be rooted in the countryside, in order to stabilize the team of doctors in rural areas, the City Planning Commission and the Capital Medical University cooperation, will be directed to the training of a group of local district, would return to the root "of the village doctors. According to reports, from the beginning of April this year, the City Planning Commission has been with the Capital Medical University, and finance, the NDRC and other relevant departments in consultation related work, next week can be formally online registration formalities after the audit process, in March next year, will organize the examination oriented training, through formal schooling in September next year. "The district enthusiasm is very high, some graduates and previous students are willing to participate, more than 2 thousand people have signed up early diagnostic." It is understood that the list will enter designated training at the Capital Medical University to study three years after graduation to get a college diploma, and obtain the relevant certificates in accordance with the requirements of the job, after work. Directional training next year is expected to recruit 110 people. The first batch of candidates more attention.相关的主题文章: