Beijing – VIDEO – making ASEAN culture show playing dance amorous surprise four-stand by me shinee

Beijing – VIDEO – making ASEAN culture "show": playing surprise four dance amorous real ASEAN culture "show": playing surprise four dance amorous [comment] thirteenth Chinese – ASEAN Expo held in Nanning is currently in Guangxi, the ASEAN countries the main cultural characteristics of the brand in the charm of the city hall through the rich and colorful ethnic culture, song and dance performances, attract people gathered to watch. September 13th, the reporter walked into these venues field visits. [comment] at the Kampuchea State Museum, 8 young people dressed in costumes of the local characteristics, danced to music, bring a very characteristic for the audience. In addition to dance, clothing display is also the main feature of the Kampuchea national museum. Scene, a Kampuchea girl dressed in peacock clothes, causing people to onlookers, because of their unique costumes, and the public to compete with their photos. The same period [] (the citizen Li Jiayun) I saw many Southeast Asian style, and now the Kampuchea small hall, and then their peacock dress, also has the Southeast Asian style, let the audience feel very interesting. [comment] to the side of the Lao National Museum, the local singers sing live also attracted many people to join. In addition, folk artists have a breath of life performances also received applause. [during the same period] (the participants of the public Ms. Zhou) very much like their exotic dance, is that they act very beautiful, very attractive. [comment] the most crowded is the Vietnam National Museum, the museum for people on the same day, invite Vietnamese artists at the play to play, full of tension instruments, surprise four, the atmosphere was detonated. [the same period] (the public participation of cocoa) I feel good, more distinctive, more beautiful melody, I like this kind of national music. [comment] in addition, Burma, Thailand and other countries have also introduced the corresponding National Museum of cultural performances, attracted many spectators around the shoot. Reporter Zhang Guangquan Nanning reports相关的主题文章: