Bright blind! Manchester City Star to help Brazil Snow Demon new Ronaldo shame a reign of 33 years –

Bright blind! Manchester City Star to help Brazil Snow Demon new Ronaldo shame a reign of 33 years? Sohu – Sports 3-0 defeat away to Ecuador, who is the hero of Brazil? Perhaps even Neymar did not dare shot with grab power, because this game a player is too bright, almost " > gaoqingtu: less domineering wings as God William defensive tongue nifty 3-0 defeat away to Ecuador, who is the hero of Brazil? Perhaps even the contribution of the shooting Neymar are not afraid to grab the work, because the game has a player too dazzling, almost dominated the battle of the plateau peak. He is Jesus, this summer has just 27 million pounds to join Manchester City a star, known as a child prodigy Ronaldo! This summer, Gabriel Gesus – in addition to the completion of joining Manchester City, also made a splash in Brazil. That is, with Neymar and Barbosa and other players together to help the Selecao roost in the Olympic Games, Brazil won the first Olympic gold medal in football, he scored 3 goals, the team scored 4 goals behind Neymar. With the world cup in Ecuador, Jesus in Brazil’s senior team debut, meaning; even more amazing is that Jesus made a penalty in the game, scoring two goals, all the goals in Brazil! After a dull first half, the second half Brazil sudden force, especially Jesus, become the nightmare of Ecuador’s defensive, he found the blasting point in seventy-second minutes, new Manchester City area breakthrough by Ecuador goalkeeper Dominguez Ve, referee decisive point 12 yards, Neymar overnight to help Brazil to break the deadlock. After Ecuador was hit again, Paredes trample on the game to eat second yellow card, yellow, red, one by one, by the appearance of the appearance of the two Augusto. Although less than one person fighting in Ecuador, but they are more suited to plateau operations, and has a home court advantage, so the leading edge of Brazil 1-0 insurance. Race to eighty-sixth minutes, Marcello left the restricted area of the bottom line cross, before Jesus in an irregular way of shooting to score the goal completely extinguished Ecuador counterattack confidence, help Brazil to advance to seal the victory. His debut accomplishment, for Jesus is a very beginning, but his performance did not end the race to ninety-third minutes, Neymar left the restricted area of the cross, Jesus 18 meters after the ball a handsome turn and volley past Dominguez again to ten, scored two to help Brazil 3-0 away victory. For Brazil, the victory of considerable significance, not only the end of the 33 years of Ecuador’s winless streak, also reduced and ranking in 2018 Russia World Cup South American team on the forefront of the gap. Prior to this, the 6 battle of Brazil, a total of 2 wins and 3 draws negative product of 9 points, ranked in the standings of the top sixth, being squeezed out of the top of the world cup can participate in the region of the top five. This is not just a victory, also let Brazil is slowly out of the hundred years of the Copa America group phase out of the shadows. The local time on September 6th, Brazil will be the world cup home court battle Columbia, the Selecao if win, will have the opportunity to the scoreboard first place. (nineteen)相关的主题文章: