BT heaven webmaster day cover group was arrested what exactly did

BT webmaster manga subtitle group heaven was arrested: what do these two news what yesterday: – BT and magnetic illegal downloads "BT paradise" site for Yuan Moufei by the Jiangsu Huaian police arrested in Suzhou; two – Chinese Ji "clear sky academy" subtitles group members by the Japanese police on suspicion of illegal the dissemination of infringing animation works in Kyoto arrested. In fact, have since been "reform" more than two. The idea of the network from the "Chinese largest digital HD portal website" to become "China’s first network copyright crime"; from the content sharing platform to broadcast free Wang Xin "the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials"; blueshin network sharing site to close, transition to film from the media from the P2P film; 3DM from pirated games started to crack the founder of host Fifi announced it will no longer stand-alone game hack work… The work of genuine national… Group has a comprehensive on-line, including members of the national copyright administration, the state Internet Information Office, the Ministry of public security, the second half of this year will continue to force. What are the sites that are actually doing BT resources? The first news about the above, according to the police investigation, BT paradise since June 2015, the person in charge Yuan Moufei without authorization, will be collected from the Internet more than ten thousand domestic and international film and television works involving BT seeds and magnetic storage link, placed in its own responsible for operation and maintenance of the "BT paradise", "thunder" or "thunder Gang" 3 movie download on the website for users to download free player. During the peak period, the site’s daily IP visits reached 600 thousand, the average daily PV browsing reached 3 million. According to Yuan Moufei said, the website profit model through advertising alliance registered account and bind the domain name and bank card, advertising, within a year profit ninety million yuan. According to Chinese law, Yuan Moufei suspected of copyright infringement. And the "BT paradise" as many movies download sites use BT download protocol (BitTorrent), a P2P (peer to peer) technology, compared with the commonly used HTTP, FTP, PUB protocol BT protocol to download, Download faster. When multiple users download files from the BT server at the same time, BT technology allows users to download content from other users’ machines according to the actual situation. For example, ABC in the download file, A has downloaded the first part, the second part B download, C can be downloaded from the A at the first part, the second part download from B, reduce the pressure on the server, so BT protocol is very popular resource download site blitz. So people who download resources are also resource providers. Whether the human operator or the server costs, provide free download resources of the site itself is in need of funds to survive, which also have their different profit models, such as advertising, bundled with downloads, membership fee etc.. Used resource download site all know, sites tend to be large game, vulgar advertisement screen, a website I have seen the most "clean" also has the following contents: (a BT advertising resources website) and lots of PT (Private T)相关的主题文章: