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Can straight "bandy legs" – Sohu healthy knee varus, commonly known as "O type leg" and "bandy legs", "leg", "basket legs". With two legs extend naturally or standing, touching two knee medial malleolus biped can not move as the main manifestation of the disease. Knee varus in children and adolescents. This leg deformity not only affects the distribution of fitness, but also destroys the normal force of the knee joint, the side stress increases, the relative reduction of the opposite, at the same time because of lower limb force line change and the friction between the patella and femur increase. Such a long time, but also cause knee pain when walking, joint activities are also affected, easily lead to osteoarthritis of the knee. With age, it is prone to joint pain, affecting the normal walking activity. The principle of non – operative correction of O type leg is basically the same, which is to restore the stable structure of knee joint by relaxing the medial collateral ligament of knee joint. So that the tibia valgus, to achieve the goal of correction. Non surgical correction method, the advantage is low cost, low risk, defect is active treatment, slow effect, need long-term adherence. No perseverance can not achieve the purpose of correction. Surgery is suitable for patients with bony deformity. Through the osteotomy and internal fixation, we can restore the normal limb force line and appearance. A new osteotomy and internal fixation for severe varus deformity may result in nervous, vascular tension and traction. Therefore, the utility model can be used for the external fixation device to assist the osteotomy and correction, and the utility model can slowly correct the deformity and avoid the complications of nerve and blood vessels.相关的主题文章: