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Canada paid internship program sought to pass the language There are both advantages and disadvantages. Beijing – a new round of application has been started. With the deepening of the understanding of overseas schools, Chinese students in the choice of study destinations more targeted. Eic Canada Education Consultant Yuri told the "youth reference" reporter, currently Canada paid internship program is Chinese students sought to go to Canada to study Chinese students at least 30% provide paid internship project in colleges. With this policy, foreign students in the internship period can be internships, while earning salaries, allowing students to obtain a degree while accumulating relevant work experience, lay the foundation for future employment and immigration. Canada paid internship program in western countries the most representative Eic Education Consultant Zhou Haiwen told reporters, "youth reference", Canada paid internship program is also called the CO-OP course, refers to the period of students in the school by the school to arrange the work, a practical experience accumulated to get some income, on the one hand, as a part of credits are included in the total score. "Overall, Canada paid internship program is the most representative in the western countries, has been regarded as a part of the Canadian education system, many schools offer CO-OP courses, some schools even take this course as a compulsory project. During the internship, students should regularly report to the school work. After the end of the course, the school and the company jointly issued a certificate of practice for students." Zhou Haiwen said, specifically, the Canadian school CO-OP courses not only we are familiar with the business, such as accounting, finance, economics, management and marketing, as well as some of the traditional sense will not provide internship opportunities for professional, such as computer engineering, physics, and some liberal arts majors. For example, Oscar Bohle of the University of Toronto (Scarboroug), business management, computer science, mathematics and statistics and other professional paid internship opportunities, the school is only to provide CO-OP courses of University of Toronto campus; Dahl Moorhouse University in Information Science and marine biology two professional to provide paid internship opportunities; most located in Ontario province the University of Waterloo science and engineering at present CO-OP courses; the famous Canadian public college boasts the Rohrer university with the largest business paid internship program; Toronto York University in Beijiao now offers legal professional paid internship opportunities, but more stringent requirements, the applicant must obtain a bachelor’s degree, the average score of 75 points or more. And the IELTS score above 7. What is the best way for Chinese students to lay a good foundation for a paid internship program before going abroad? Zhou Haiwen, for example, is listed as one of Canada’s top 10 most valuable public university, Brock University business school, a few years ago with Toronto accounting firm DDT reached an agreement, all graduated from the Brock University accounting professional students can practice to the firm. Recently, the school signed a cooperation agreement with the Hongkong DDT accounting firm, all the hope that in the future, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and other places to work in DDT accounting professional graduates of Brock University, all相关的主题文章: